Design Special Kids’ Space for Learning and Playing

When most parents say “Go to your room” to their kids, they usually mean it as a punishment. But why is that? Is it because there’s no TV or computer in their room? Is it for sleeping only so your just child will be bored in there? Well, the thing is – your kids’ room should be their little oasis. Children need privacy and they need to feel like they have their special corner in the house. There are a plenty of ideas how to turn your kids’ room into a nook for learning and playing, so here are a few of them.

Paint wisely

Gone are the times when people used to paint a room pink for girls and blue for boys. The walls of your kids’ room should be bright and vivid, so opt for those colours. For instance, if your daughter is in a princess phase, paint her walls with pastel tones. Avoid heavy curtains and shades since you’ll want your kids’ nook to have a lot of daylight to create a playful atmosphere. If there are no enough windows, make sure you provide the room with high-quality artificial light so your kids can study in a healthy ambiance.

Check the floors

Small children spend most of the time on the floor, so you’ll want them to be as comfortable as possible. Hardwood surfaces can be cold as well as uncomfortable for sitting so big soft rugs or cushion can help you with that. Of course, the floor must be clean so take off your shoes before entering the room and clean it daily. Low tables are a nice option – that way your kids can write or draw while sitting on the floor without the damage to their spine.

Think corners

Kids love having different corners for different activities – that’s why most kindergartens are organized that way. This is where I study, this is a place to play, and this is where I draw – it must be nice dividing their space like that. For school kids, a desk for doing homework is a must. Decide whether you want your kids to have a computer in their room or at all, but whatever your choice is to make sure the computer stays off the writing desk. A creative or reading corner is a nice idea, too – and a great way to make your kids fall in love with reading or arts at any age.

Decorate educationally

Of course, your kids will need educational toys and books but why wouldn’t you take a step further and opt for educational decoration as well? Think about soft kids rugs, magnetic bookshelves, or a chalkboard wall. Not only it will look amazing, but it’ll also be twice as useful. Are your kids are small and constantly mess up the freshly painted walls with their fingers or crayons? Buy them some colourful chalk and place them in front of a chalkboard wall. Clean, pretty, and educational – what more can you want?

Make space

Kids have their personal stuff – from toys to gadgets so they’ll need a place to keep them. Buy or make them a shelf and you won’t have to worry about the mess. Before making the decision what kind of shelf you’ll put in their room, consider the sizes and the shapes of your kids’ belongings. Large children’s books or toys won’t fit on a standard bookshelf so make sure you think it through. Toy boxes make the perfect option for toys and the best part about it that kids of all ages can pick up their stuff and put it in the box.

Decorating the kid’s’ room can be a lot of fun so include your children in the process and turn into family bonding time. The results will be outstanding!

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