We all have our own personal styles, but some of you probably don’t yet recognize what your style is. You like wearing polo shirts, but also enjoy a comfy pair of leggings, while a bodycon dress is what you prefer most. On the other hand, you also love wearing shirts and leather jackets, as well as neat, suede coats. Sounds relatable? Even if this might seem like a mess, you’re actually a lot closer to defining your personal style than you might think, and here are some tips that can help you express it with all the beauties it comes with. 

Show off what you’ve got

It’s never a good idea to hide what you like to wear in the depths of your wardrobe just because other people might not like it. The essential component necessary for creating a personalized style is not being afraid to show off your personal preferences and let your style speak of your personality. If you enjoy bright colors, go out dressed in a statement monochromatic yellow outfit. If you’re a fan of miniskirts and like to strut your beautiful legs, go for a walk in your favorite skirt and wear it like the sidewalk is the runway. As long as you’re careful not to be distasteful, anything you want to wear – you can. Don’t let other people suffocate your unique style, but embrace it with everything you have. 

Cozy up your feet

Footwear is a very important personal style statement, and as much as this sounds unbelievable, your feet CAN feel comfortable and yet be very stylish. In 2019, many fashion designers and trendsetters are already tired of wearing uncomfortable high heels and stilettos, so they’re turning to some more convenient options. Classic Adidas white sneakers are roaming through street style, while Balenciaga has set a new standard of comfort with their extremely popular line of “ugly dad sneakers”. If you want your feet to feel comfortable and warm at home, too, there are many incredibly cozy UGG slippers models to choose from. Say goodbye to aching feet and hello to walking on clouds! 

Little fashion experiments: mix and match

There’s no fashion without taking risks, so if you want to truly define and understand your own style, you must do a bit of experimenting. This doesn’t mean chaotically trying out different combinations without any law or order, but rather consider experimenting in a fully scientific manner. Take only one item at a time to experiment with, and keep the rest of the outfit basic. This is a good way for you to try out how the same items interact with different combinations, and you’ll know that this item changes the look because it’s the only thing you’re experimenting with. Afterwards, you can combine more experimental items at once to see how more interactions emerge. Just like science is fun, so should fashion be, so let your creativity lead you to the best mix and match.  

Find inspiration around you

Fashion inspiration can be found basically everywhere, so don’t look for it only in Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. Everyone you meet on the street or see from the bus can be a fair fashion inspiration. Sometimes, you can find the best styles to your liking among the people who move around your neighborhood, who live close to you, and even your friends and family members. Many fashion icons and popular fashion bloggers talk about their parents and even grandparents being their foremost inspirational characters. Be careful not to copy anyone’s style, but rather extract the essence of what you like and use it to create your personal collage of style.

Copying isn’t going to get you anywhere, but on the other hand, creativity is. Let your imagination run wild as you visualize the next outfit you’re going to wear, and to make things even more fun – let it be something you’ve never worn before. 


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