Décor Elements That Will Capture the Attention of Buyers

If you are planning to put your home on sale soon, you should know that there is a long path in front of you. Even though the whole process is rather complicated and sometimes exhausting if you are about to go through it on your own, there are some things that can make it a fun ride. One of these things is getting the home ready for the potential buyer to fall in love with it. Here is what you must include in terms of decorative elements. 

  1. Vases with Flowers

There is nothing more home-like than a beautiful vase with fresh flowers. Vases are the classic décor elements that exude style and a cosy ambience. They never go out of fashion and can easily blend with the whole interior design because they are available in many different shapes with different textures and colours. Plus, the materials you can choose from are numerous; you can go for glass, clay, wood or seagrass. 

  1. Wall Art

Instead of paintings and pictures hanging on the wall (which, to be honest, are not everyone’s cup of tea) get more creative and transform one of the walls into an artistic expression. It can be a mural, a wallpaper with an inspirational or family quote or even some jewellery elements that symbolise peace and eternity. 

  1. Cushions and Blankets

If you want to recreate the ultimate comfort and warmth in the home, place lots of cushions and throw blankets on the sofas in the living room. They immediately up the room’s appeal by making it more stylish than ever. Also, sofas are not the only place where you can put cushions; they can be placed on chairs, armchairs, baskets and benches. Just make sure that the colour and texture match the whole concept of the design. 

Beautiful luxury pillow on sofa decoration in living room interior

The blankets, on the other hand, bring a high-end aesthetic to the room and are the finishing touch or the cherry on the top. You can fold them, leave them draped or hanging from a sofa, or even get more creative and put it hanging over the side of the basket or the bedside cabinet.

  1. Rugs and Matts

Rugs and Matts in different shapes and sizes are very powerful statements in the room. When it comes to selling the home, it is a better idea to use small rugs because they are easier to clean and create a well-styled space. Plus, they add an extra layer od dimension and texture, which increases the visual interest. 

  1. Lamps

Illuminating the space is of essential importance. The lighting creates a completely upgraded experience and the more it is present, the more powerful the effect will be. For that purpose, have small lamps all over the rooms that will accent a particular area. The feel is luxurious as if the home is presented in a magazine for high-end mansions. 

  1. Mirrors

Another mighty item is the mirror. It reflects the natural light from the windows and transforms the emptiness into a well-organised clutter. Place them in a big size near windows or opposite windows, in the hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms and see how they magically transform the place into an attractive place for living.

The Bottom Line

Everything that you include in your interior design plan can be tested before actually buying the items and placing them in the room. This is a great way to see what will work and what won’t be that appealing as you thought previously. The technique you can use is virtual staging and the decorative elements together with the virtual furniture can be placed digitally in the room by a virtual staging designer. It will give you a clear idea of how everything falls in place. 



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