De tan naturally this summer, follow tips from Bollywood celebs

To get glowing and radiant skin is every one’s desire.
Summer is a very harsh season for skin. Maintaining
skin routine is most during this time.
The stubborn suntan is a major problem especially
during summer. Sometimes, this suntan remains even
after the summer season overs. Suntan gives tanned
skin and blotchy patches, which are in wanted.
To detan skin there are so many options. One can go
through different types of chemical treatments or
surgeries, different types of facial but there are so
many home remedies available for skin tanning. Even
our Bollywood celebs make some changes in skin care
routine and diet during summer, to beat the suntan.
 Aloe Vera: It’s helps as a protective layer on skin
and moisturize it.
 Lemon: Lemon contains ascorbic acid which detan
the skin.
 Honey: Honey gives glow to skin

 Tomato: Tomato acts as natural sunscreen
because it contains lycopene, which helps to fight
cellular damage.
 Papaya: Papaya gives you a facial look. It glows the
skin and gives a radiant look.
 Sugar scrub: Make sugar scrub with lemon. It helps
to exfoliate skin and detan skin.
 Mangoes: King of fruits mango is very yummy, but
it has so many benefits on skin. Mango exfoliate
skin, nourished it and keeps it hydrated.

 Apply cold milk on skin using cotton ball. It makes
skin soft and lighter.
 Make a scrub of almond and curd. It helps to detan
 Make a paste of haldi and curd. It acts as a sun
 Apply pack of cucumber pulp and yogurt, twice a
Other than this, beautician Shahnaz Hussain
recommends avoiding sun exposure between 11
am to 3 PM, because heat of sun is at peak this
time. And if you have emergency, then don’t go
out without applying sunscreen.
Bollywood Celebs summer routine

 Bipasha Basu: Before steeping out she applies
sunscreen and put bandana. And drinks a lot of
water, coconut water and eat water-based fruits
like watermelon and pomegranate.
 Bhumi Padnekar: She use Aloe Vera gel of good
brand for her smooth skin. Eat seasonal fruits and
vegetables and takes loads of water and juices.
 Jacqueline Fernandez: She eat papaya and drink
hot water in the morning. Eat lot of salad and
home cooked food and always take water supper
before stepping out.
 Katrina Kaif: She prefers low make up and apply
sunscreen. During summer, she increases her
water intake. Consumes loads of fruits and
especially her love mangoes.

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