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Cute Gifts for Corgi Lovers - Likeitgirl

Everyone has a friend that loves their corgis. They’re constantly sharing photos, videos, and memes about these dogs. Even if they don’t own any corgis, they still love all things corgi. If you’re looking for the perfect corgi-themed gift for a friend or family member, these are some of the best gifts you can find. Check out this list of the top six gifts for corgi lovers.

  • Face Masks

Covid is still in full swing, and face masks are mandatory nearly everywhere. Help your friends and family stay safe with a corgi-themed face mask they won’t ever want to take off! There are masks that combine corgis with boba, corgis going on adventures, and the ever-popular corgi butts. Find masks in different colors, designs, and sizes to customize your gift for a friend. Reusable masks are also great for the environment and reduce waste!

  • Dog Training Treats

While some corgi lovers don’t actually own these dogs, those that do definitely want to spoil their babies with sweet treats. Whether they’re trying to train their pups or just keep them satisfied between meals, dog training treats are a great choice!

When you’re shopping for dog treats, explore different high-value and low-value options. High-value treats are the ones a pup prefers right off the bat. These are especially good for training because the dog desires them that much more. Consider meat-based treats for training and veggie-based treats for every day.

  • Corgi Sweaters

black and fawn dog sitting on a concrete stair

Some corgi lovers don’t actually own any pets but still love the breed itself. In these cases, they may want to show their love with a cute sweater featuring their favorite dog — corgis! Are they a fan of a comic that has corgi characters? Shop their store to find hoodies and sweaters with corgi comic prints. Does this person actually have any corgis for pets? Create a custom sweater with an image of their pet! There are so many options for cute corgi clothing! You can even shop matching outfits for them and their dog!

  • Corgi Planter

With so many people stuck at home and exploring new hobbies, some have stumbled upon their green thumb. In addition to looking beautiful, indoor plants also have tons of health benefits! They can reduce stress, improve air quality, boost productivity, and so much more.

If you have a friend who loves corgis as much as they love house plants, this is the perfect blend of their two favorite things. Shop corgi-themed planters for small succulents and orchids or massive pots for large vines or palms. Some planters are available with a three-dimensional model of a corgi, while others just have corgis printed on the ceramic. Find the one that best fits your friend’s aesthetic to give them the perfect gift.

  • Dog Toys

Like every other dog, corgis do have a tendency to go wild with their toys. Nothing lasts for long with an excited pup. Since corgi parents are continually looking for durable toys to replace the old ones, you can help them keep up with their canine companions when you buy toy sets for their pups. There is no such thing as too many toys for a corgi!

Some corgis have preferences for rope or plushie toys. Knowing what they love will help you find something that’s both cute and appropriate. Explore animal-safe products that are the right size for a corgi before you buy.

  • Vitamins & Supplements

What’s a great gift for a corgi owner as well as a corgi? Vitamins and supplements! Many pet parents overlook these nutritional additions to a dog’s diet because they have other priorities. Help corgi lovers take better care of their pets with supplements like fish oil that can prevent kidney disease, protect their heart, improve joint pain, and reduce dry, flaky skin. Do you know what’s super cute? A healthy pet!

Start Shopping

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It can be really fun to shop for your corgi-loving friend because there are so many options out there. Keep your friend’s preferences in mind as you shop to make sure you’re buying them something they love. Ready to start shopping? Get out and get barking!

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