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Zippers come in different types and styles and for this reason; one of the things you should know is how to measure them the right way.

If you are just getting started in learning how to sew, you might find it a bit daunting to sew zippers. However, with a bit of study and practice, you will soon gain the skills and confidence before you even know it.

So, before you place an order for custom made zippers via, make sure you are familiar with the different kinds of zippers that you can find in the market right now.

There are actually 3 primary types of zippers that can be used for garments, homeware, and accessories sewing. These include:

  • Metal
  • Nylon coil or plastic
  • Invisible

Metal Zippers

A metal zipper features metal teeth, just like what the name suggests. The teeth often come in various metallic colors like nickel, gold, and brass. You will surely love the look of brightly colored metal zippers with their sparkling gold teeth. These zippers are primarily used in jeans and bags and trendy exposed zippers for clothing. If needed, metal zippers can be shortened as well although it might take a little bit more time compared to nylon zippers where using pliers is necessary.

Nylon Coil Zippers

A nylon zipper is flexible and it is also the most common type of zipper that you can find in bags, clothing items, and homewares. These zippers look like plastic with the tendency to be monochrome colors with the matching tape.

When it comes to sewing patterns, a nylon zipper is sometimes called plastic zipper. The stopper found at the tip of the zipper is often metal but other parts look plastic.

Nylon coil zippers are the easiest and simplest zippers to sew for beginners because they have small teeth and there is almost no need for you to worry that your needle will hit something because there a very small amount of metal present here.

A nylon coil zipper is easy to shorten as you just need to cut and sew across the ends.

Invisible Zippers

An invisible zipper also has nylon coil teeth yet the difference is that the teeth are found at the back part of the zipper so that once you sew this in the garment, no teeth will be shown or visible on the outside. Some invisible zippers have distinctive solid heads while ordinary nylon coil zippers have rectangular head that feature a hole in it. Even though there might be small differences among the brands, this is usually typical.

Pants, skirts, and dresses typically use these invisible zippers. An invisible zipper could be sewn with the use of specialty sewing machine feet or regular zipper foot.

Molded Plastic Zippers

Finally, molded plastic zippers are made of plastic with big interlocking teeth. These zippers are often used in bags or jackets.

Now that you know the different types of zippers, make sure you order the best custom zippers from Zipper Shipper.

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