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Crypto Crow YouTube Channel Banned And Restored In A Day

Jason Appleton, Crypto Crow of the cryptocurrency industry, noticed that his account was banned from YouTube, and a day later it was restored.

On April 08, 2002, Appleton tweeted about ban and stated that without giving any warning to him, YouTube banned his channel. He further pointed out, “No idea why my channel was hit with this. They really don’t tell you anything. I’m crushed right now. I’m stunned. I feel I’ve done everything properly”.

The very next day of his tweet, i.e., on April 09, 2020, YouTube restored his channel. While expressing his joy Appleton tweeted that he is happy as his channel is back on YouTube.

Appleton has around 81,000 subscribers on YouTube.

YouTube Is Ramping Up Media Platform

In December 2019, YouTube banned channels and accounts related to cryptocurrency.

In March 2020, YouTube started ramping up the media platforms but after a few days, it lifted the ban imposed on those channels.

A report suggested that Appleton account was basically terminated and not banned.

On April 08, 2020, in a blog post, Appleton stated that one of his Telegram group members told him that YouTube has terminated his channel.

Appleton in his tweet mentioned that till now YouTube has not told him why it has terminated his account from the platform. But as his channel was re-activated he noticed a strike on his account. He then tweeted regarding that strike and thanked his supporter. Soon after Appleton’s tweet, a YouTuber posted a video trolling him.

Influencer Flags Crypto Crow’s Video

Appleton, while talking about the Youtuber, stated that the person is flagging his videos, and requested YouTube to take some strict action against that person.

But after his tweet, Appleton’s strike was removed from YouTube and so was his warning.

A non-profit organization Blockchain Education Network (BEN), which was registered under 501(c)(3), also suffered a push back from YouTube.

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