Croatia: The finest sailing destination this summer

Imagining a holiday like this: you and your closest ones on a boat, picking a place to sail to next and while struggling with the map, suddenly nothing seems that important as the perfect landscape around you, mixed with the bluest sea and a warm breeze that refreshes your spirit?

Luckily, this scenario is easily achievable, even more if you have picked the right destination and the right boat charter starting point in Croatia.

If Croatia was your number 1 choice for sailing this year, the chances are you’re looking ahead of a wild sailing adventures that will fill your summer with nothing but unforgettable moments.

First things first: Boat charter Croatia at Book2Sail

If you imagined the perfect picture of your upcoming holiday and already started daydreaming; but got stuck at the beginning – the actual looking for the perfect boat for you and your family, it’s time get relaxed. Chartering a boat has never been easier.

Just visiting, entering your dates and your destination, voila: the chartering is nearly finished. Croatia’s popularity this year means that the number of boats to choose from has risen, but you may want to hurry up as the season in Croatia begins early June and lasts till late September.

While you already sorted out this technical part of the journey, it’s time to think about your very own itinerary: the most underrated beauty, the freedom of sailing on your own.

Croatia’s spots, thousands of anchorages, beautiful beaches, hidden coves and bays; they are simply everywhere. Still, if you want to lift your sprits right from the start of your journey, you are probably wondering: what’s Croatia’s most treasured secret, unknown for many, but still good enough for visiting even for a few days? The answer is:

Kvarner Bay: Croatian big secret, the heaven of the Adriatic Sea

Starting your trip from Rijeka, the northern Adriatic part is a wonderful way to get to the Gulf of Kvarner: a home of idyllic surroundings of the mountains and the cobalt – colored water, the stunning architecture and much more to see and do. Choosing a sailing route that covers the islands of this bay cherished by tourists and sailors from all over the world is the best decision you’ve made so far.

What to expect once you get at Kvarner bay? Well, nothing less than a pleasant climate (because of the mountains), perfect beaches, lots of national parks, coves that look like they are made for swimming… Don’t get surprised if your sailing gets interrupted by dolphins jumping nearby, so you better have your camera nearby – as you will easily become attached to taking photos of everything around you and cherish them for the years to come.

If you are afraid that you will miss some great point at this part of the charming Adriatic coast – you better make a list and put the island of Cres, Krk, Losinj, the wonderful coastal towns of Opatija and Rijeka , as well as the castles and churches spread almost everywhere around the gulf. Leaving few blank pages is essential, as the sailing itself will open up some unplanned places and things to see and do, and they sure will look and feel simply astonishing.

This is the beauty of Croatia, and be sure that once you get there – the sea will call you over again.


Have a great holiday, fair winds and calm sailing!

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