One of our clients just told us that the animation video which he has produced from us for his product is conveying a message far more quickly and effectively then his many of the marketing and sales reps. He also added that after watching a video viewer immediately got inspired to take an action and his conversion rate got improved by 80% which inspired him to make various animation videos for his products and solutions. We hear these types of stories quite regularly and now it’s your time to take the benefit of modern animation styles for your business.

There are many reasons why animation videos are very effective for the business but key question is how start producing an animation video for your business and which type of video will be a best fit for your requirement. So here now I am going to draw your attention on different type of animation videos which are been designed for different purposes.

Storyboarding videos: Such videos are very popular these days; it could be designed in 2D or in 3D animation or in a classical hand drawn 2D form as well. These videos mostly have multiple animated characters with flat vector ambience backgrounds and props to create a drama, portrait a story and to convey a message by adding emotions. Such videos are very powerful since it can easily connect with buyer’s pain area and solution what product is offering to them. So if you want to represent a burning problem of your prospective buyer or you want to show highly exaggerated enthusiasm and satisfaction once he / she uses your solutions, this is a perfect type of animation to go with.  

Explainer videos: The distinguishing line between storyboarding video and explainer video is very thin as over the period of time marketers has mixed up both to solve their purposes but majorly if businesses wants to effetely present their business idea in more of a professional way they tend to use explainer videos. Explainer videos could be made very well in vector based 2D style, 2.5D style, motion graphics style and whiteboard animation style as well. Explainer videos are also very popular these days and most of businesses are very happy to present their corporate profile through such animation videos.

Infographics animation: In a modern time when you want to present your data and facts through an infographics, you can spice it up with a motion video as well. Unlike still infographics animated infographics will be very easy to understand and it will serve your purpose in a better way. So if you want to present your infographics through an animation, motion graphics animation combined with a typography animation will be a very good choice for you.

Walkthrough animation: Walkthrough animation is used when you want to present the look and feel of such elements which could be hard to touch or show in reality at current point of time, hence these type of videos are been used by real estate sector companies to show the interior and exterior of their upcoming residential and commercial projects. It is also been used by industrialist / machine manufacturers to show the macro level insider parts, mechanism and internal functioning of their machines. You can also make such animation videos whenever you have such sort of requirement it will make easier for you to communicate your message with your audience through realistic animation film. Mostly these days for such purpose 3D animations is been used by designers.

Training and quick guide animations: Animation is also been massively used to train, educate and aware people about different things. Many mobile app and web app quick tutorials are been made in motion graphics style to educate the users, many a times different industries are designing 2D / 3D animations to educate about safety rules of the premise, driving rules etc. Education industry is been using it to present the formulas, concepts and laws through visuals for better understating of students. So when you want to teach something you can use animation films.

Days are now gone when people were relying on just words, images, rough drawings and vocal stories without visuals to convey their messages since the power of animation is easily available; unlike classical animation as well nowadays due to the availability of modern tools and technology production of animation videos has also become very quick and easy.

So summing up all, in a business we need to communicate effectively – we may need to articulate or message sometimes with a great drama, we may just need to present the product professionally and precisely, we may need to provide training to our clients or to our internal staff without investing much of our time, we many need to present more data and stats with ease, we may require to show our product 360 degree inside out – animation plays roll everywhere and it can create difference. It can produce better results through its power of motion combined with multimedia elements.

You may have created few animation videos and few might be pending, it’s a time for you to start producing different animation videos for different purposes now to save your time, energy and resources and to produce better results. Start now!

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