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How To Create The Perfect Work/Life Balance - Likeitgirl

Creating a strong work-life balance isn’t just an issue for parents, everyone can benefit from a little more quality time away from the office. Learning how to switch off at the end of the day isn’t something that will happen overnight and you will have to make a conscious effort to compartmentalise your life and work. The benefits of making this shift will be apparent almost immediately and you’ll be left wondering why it took you so long to draw a line between life and work.

Create New Habits

One of the most stressful things about lingering on your working day long after it is over is that you never get to feel like you are fully enjoying your life outside of work. Dwelling on to-do lists, unfinished tasks and upcoming deadlines can completely ruin your weekend. To combat this, you can try developing one small trick which I have been doing for years. At the end of each day, make a list of unfinished tasks and your tasks for the following day. When you arrive it work in the morning you will know exactly what needs to be done for the day ahead. If tasks are left unfinished, they get carried over into the next day’s list, but this time in a different colour. This will help you to truly…

Leave Your Work At Work

When you power down your computer at the end of the day, it’s important to make sure you don’t dwell on work until the next day. So many of us have our work email accounts available on our phones, which means we never really switch off. Dealing with a work email at 11 o’clock at night is a surefire way to make sure you don’t get a restful night’s sleep. If you’ve typically been available to your boss and colleagues at all hours of the day, then it’s important that you learn to…

Set Boundaries

This one is a little more tricky if you’ve already built some bad habits, but it’s not impossible to break them. If you are worried about colleagues thinking you are ignoring them, set up an out-of-office responder to go off when you won’t be checking your emails. Leave an emergency contact number in the responder and make it clear when you’ll be back in the office. If you’re worried this will seem aggressive, simply send an email to your colleagues letting them know you are trying to switch off and that you won’t be checking your emails outside of work hours. If this isn’t enough flexibility for you, you can always…

Request Flexible Working

Flexible working is becoming increasingly popular, so you should be able to negotiate something with your employer to allow you a more flexible working day. This could include working from home one day per week, which can be a welcome break if you are usually stuck in traffic for two hours on the way to work. Check your local employment law to find out how to go about requesting flexible working, as this can vary by country, state and even company!

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