Create Perfect Office Space For Your Employees

Working environment affects employees tremendously, and having unhealthy and crowded office space directly causes more stress, therefore it has a big impact on lowering productivity levels. By engaging in providing your staff with the best possible office design and environment you are going to keep your employees motivated and satisfied, which directly leads to increased productivity. Creating the perfect workspace doesn’t only consists of putting some artwork on the wall – it can mean head to toe office space makeover, which includes redesigning office layout, changing furniture (if necessary), creating recharge corners, and most of all nurturing the culture of positivity and growth within the company. With that being said, here are some of the basic steps that will lead you to create a perfect office space for your employees.

1. Make The Most Of What You Already Have

Recreating the functionality and redesigning working space doesn’t have to involve major financial expenses. Nor is it sustainable, nor possible for companies to just throw everything they have already built and start from scratch. The way working areas are constructed has a big impact on the productivity levels of your staff and their wellness. You can start by simply repositioning furniture. If your working space consisted of cubicles and separate individual desks, you can easily recreate open space office area by putting desks together and creating desk clusters. That way employees will be encouraged to communicate and share ideas. Some of the downsides of open spaces are lack of privacy and noise. Easy solution for that could be creating enclaves and private spots where your staff can hide if they need a break.

2. Find Out Different Trends In Office Redesign

Following on what is previous said, office redesign doesn’t have to include lavish furniture and buying tons of stuff. There are plenty of different trends in office fitouts, that meet each businesses’ needs. Before you indulge in changing the whole brand, get in tune with your staff and their needs. If your staff requires plenty of space for sharing ideas, a concept of open space office is perfect, as mentioned above. But make sure to provide them with some private space as well. If you already have an open space office, and you think that it’s not working out for your employees, you could try making private enclaves instead of private offices. Enclaves are going to ensure that your employees have their privacy while providing them with enough space for communicating and sharing ideas. Keep in mind that millennials are much more opened to unconventional ideas and design while blurring out the difference between work and fun can result in higher productivity and satisfaction levels.  

3. Recharge Spaces

Having space for recharging and rest is one of the hottest trends in 2018., that is probably going to be on the rise in the following years. As already said, millennials love their unconventional ideas, and this one is something that you should definitely think about incorporating into your company’s workspace. Again, it doesn’t have to be anything big. Having a sofa on the side with some desk football is enough for the start. That way employees are going to have a chance to take small breaks from stressful work and recharge. It will help raising their creativity and productivity, and just the overall wellbeing. Some companies even made whole rooms dedicated to rest and recharge. Think massage chairs, chill music, maybe even massage pools, small gym… Ideas are endless!  

4. Encourage Them To Engage In Decor

There is no better way to decor a space for someone you don’t really know that much than to invite them to help you! Engaging your staff into personalizing their own space will make them fill more at home, therefore less stressed out and more relaxed. It will give them a sense of belonging and help increase emotional connection to the work. But keep in mind that keeping your work environment well organized should still be a number one priority. To keep the right balance it is recommended to limit personal items to ones that are of great importance to your employees, and the ones that are going to help them stay motivated. While workspace should be highly functional and practical, making it appealing to your aesthetical preference is also of great value, since it is going to keep you more inspired and motivated. Give them the freedom to choose for themselves, what appeals to them the most. If you have the possibility, think about giving them an opportunity to choose wallpapers or colour of the walls. It is well known that colours have different impacts on our mood and motivation.  

5. Cultivate A Culture Of Growth And Positivity

This one is probably the least visible one and the hardest to gain since it doesn’t involve furniture or anything aesthetical. But it is the one that gives you the overall vibe of the company, the one that consists of values and the one which will set a path to your company’s success. In creating a safe and open culture is important, and the key in this is in communication. By organizing different team building activities and social events, you will encourage your employees to work as a team and to communicate (offline this time). Nurture safe space, where everyone is welcomed to impose ideas and questions, without fear of judgment. Healthy values and culture are going to affect every aspect of your company, and eventually becomes embedded in your business’s identity.

In the end, not only what is visible is important. Including aesthetics, functionality and overall feeling is what makes a great precondition to creating a perfect working space and environment for your employees. There is no need to go over your possibilities. Start with small changes, and you will see how it eventually grows into a flourishing environment.


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