Create a Harmonious Backyard Garden

The most fantastic thing about a house is having a backyard, and the most fantastic thing about backyard is having a garden. However, if creating a lush relaxing backyard retreat were easy, everyone would have a paradise-like garden. This requires investing effort, time and money, as well as careful planning and researching. If you are willing to take on such a challenge which yields incredibly rewarding results, read on to learn everything you need to know about creating a harmonious backyard escape.
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Get rid of the clutter

There is nothing more unsettling than a garden covered with rusty tools, old bikes, rakes and other things that make it unappealing. All of these unnecessary items stand in your way of creating a harmonious garden. If you use some of them frequently, store them in your garage or your shed. If you almost never use them, but they are in good shape, organize a garage sale and sell them. If they are completely unusable, throw them away without giving it a second thought.
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Create a gathering area

The biggest appeal of a magical garden is that you can enjoy spending time in it with your friends and family. For that, you need a place to sit. It can be something as simple as adding a few chairs (use weather-resistant materials) and a table, or more complicated, such as creating a dining area. If you are willing to make a more significant investment, you can create a patio or deck which is covered with a shade solution such as a pergola.
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Clever landscaping

Landscaping shouldn’t be just about choosing plants and flowers you like and placing them anywhere. Clever landscaping includes considering your climate and the quality of soil. For example, landscaping in Sydney is very much different from landscaping in Montreal. The Australian climate can be harsh with its long draughts and heavy bouts of rain. That’s why it requires plants like Kangaroo paw, Lomandra, Violets, Angophora, etc. In Montreal and other colder climates, those would be Winterberry and blue vervain.
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Enhance privacy

Privacy is an important element of your backyard hideaway. Make it secluded (especially the sitting area) with carefully placed walls, fences or screens of suitable height. This will give your garden a sense of mystery as you sit or walk through the landscape. Overhead roofs and arbors can also contribute to that feel of seclusion, besides providing you with shade.
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Add fire and water elements

Fire pits are a great garden addition, especially when placed as the center of a sitting area, because fire was considered to be the center of gatherings since the prehistoric age. Water elements, such as fountains or lakes, can be scattered throughout the garden to provide it with serenity and magic. Some more functional water elements you can implement are a pool or an outdoor hot tub.
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Introduce fragrance

Scented candles are great, but why have candles when you can have the real deal? A lot of garden plants can provide you with a unique and enchanting scent that can spread around the entire neighborhood. Vines and flowering shrubs are also nice aesthetic additions, and their scent is even stronger in the evening. You just need to make sure you have chosen species that can thrive in your climate and place them near outdoor gathering areas.
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Finally, if you like to spend time in your outdoor getaway in the evening, you will need to illuminate it to make it visible and more appealing when the sun comes down. There are a number of ways you can light up an outdoor space, and they range from solar lamps, linear lighting and miniature LEDs along the pathways to string lights, recessed canister lights and commercial step lights.
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Finish up

For the end, add something unexpected and creative that speaks about your style and personality. For example, you can introduce a stone bench in the middle of garden faraway from everyone’s sight. You can also use vintage bird cages and other accessories.
Use all of these tips to create an extraordinary mythical garden that will make your days and evenings at home more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

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