Cosmetic Surgery: Real Reasons Why Women Go Under the Knife

Many people consider cosmetic surgery a new radical discovery. But that is not true. Various forms of body modifications have been with us for generations. Branding and scarification are examples of ancient practices that are simply making a comeback. Cosmetic surgery is most probably simply following the natural flow of human civilization given that the concept of human body modifications is quite archaic. In the present day, several unique reasons compel women to under cosmetic surgery.

Boost Confidence Levels

Many women opt to undergo cosmetic surgery so as to feel happier and more confident about their looks. We all know without any doubt how our self-concept can influence our level of confidence. For most women, one way of feeling more womanly is enhancing their looks through surgery.

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Relieve Signs of Aging

Some senior women are willing to go under the knife so as to look younger. A high number of these individuals find it difficult to mingle with young people at the workplace freely, and they turn to cosmetic surgery in an attempt to solve this feeling of inadequacy. While some people consider this reason to defy common sense, women are free to make independent decisions on how they want to look. With the help of a good surgeon, they can get this service and minimize any side effects. 

Physical Improvements

In some cases, people are born with certain physical elements that can make life difficult. One can be born with an excessively large or too small nose, dull face, ugly skin, or other physical elements that affect not only the physical look but also a process such as breathing. For most women who experience such things, cosmetic surgery is more of an option meant to make their lives better than a leisure activity. These women are justified to undergo cosmetic surgery. We all know how having to walk around with some abnormalities can be intimidating. And women can get the right advice from qualified surgeons , psychiatrists, or psychologists.

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Media Influence

There are several bad reasons for opting for cosmetic surgery, and negative media influence is one of them. The media portrays sleeveless dresses to be a trendy fashion. This has led an increased demand for a new type of cosmetic surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the demand for a procedure designed to remove excess fat from under the arm is popularly known as upper arm lifts soared by over 4, 000 percent in the United States in a single decade, with about 15, 000 surgical operations performed in 2012.

Please Others

Pleasing other is another bad reason. Some women knowingly or unknowingly still opt for surgery to fit other people’s definition of beauty. Your choice to have surgery should not be influenced by your loved ones or any other party. The operation will be performed on your own body, and at the end of the day, you are the person who will live with the consequences. If anyone thinks you need to get a liposuction or breast augmentation, you should make an independent decision. 

Final Thoughts

None of us has two chances to live on this planet. So, it is appropriate that women be allowed to make independent decisions on how they want to look. There is nothing wrong with women going under the knife. But women should be cautious. Before deciding to go for surgery, we should consult competent doctors who have our interests at heart. The right plastic surgeon will carefully go over all the risks and benefits of plastic surgery and help us to make a decision that is best for our own health.

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