Cool and warm skirts with fringe for the winter

Winter 2019 super cool and warm at the same time. They have a fringe and they look like maxi scarves and are truly versatile. This is really super news! Long skirts to calves or knee-length, like midi skirts, have an edge of long fringe, like scarves or blankets, which create comfort on a sofa or rocking chair.

H oh let’s talk about the fringe. It adds volume where the silhouette may need it, and they are also able to diversify the simplest and most unsightly image. The material of which the skirts are made is also very important. Thick wool? Boucle or Prince of Wales? Here, the thicker and denser the material, the better.

E If you love midi skirt, we show how to combine them easily without creating a fashion disaster!

Wear a skirt of coarse fabric

With long skirts, you need to balance the silhouette with a contrasting color. A full-color sweatshirt with a round neckline matches perfectly with skirts of coarse fabrics.

Fringed boots and skirt = great idea


With Compliant colors between enhancements create an ideal visual link. That is why a pair of boots under the skirt works as a turning point to hide legs in the name of the elegance of the 70s. Extremely chic!

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Waist accent belt

With a maxi-scarf skirt with a fringe effect, it is noticeable that there is no waist around the waist. This is why a belt can be useful. Darker than the color of the skirt, or brilliant if you chose a black skirt.

Skirt of wrap

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M s not talking about you to become a dressmaker in a minute, most creative stylist! Choose a fairly wide scarf with a fringe at the ends. Wrap the thighs with them and leave the outer parts free, pin the tippet with large safety pins in the center of the abdomen. Easy?

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