There is no greater feeling than the freedom contact lenses gives. Our primary sense, the one that gives most joy in the world is vision. Our eye are remarkable organs. With its ability to detect millions of colors and the finest of details they work well. Our eyes work incredibly well that travelling the world to see amazing things can be the motivation in life for many. We would all be financially better if great sightseeing didn’t exist right?

But for many, eyes don’t work as well as they should. Glasses are an encumbrance. They are bothersome. Glasses can break. Lenses can fog up. That amazing ferry ride into Niagara Falls? Misty water all over your glasses! Most of all, glasses are expensive to replace when travelling. Especially if you still have a few weeks to go and your usual optometrist is back home.


The Freedom of Contact Lenses

While dreaming of the next grand holiday, let’s consider the benefits of contact lenses. Firstly, vision is better with contact lenses. But importantly they won’t fog or mist up like glasses. When you’re travelling, you are bound to do activities you wouldn’t in your day to day life. Whether it be trekking through a humid jungle, or white water rafting in Croatia. You will be amazed at the freedom contact lenses provides.

We’ve all heard horror stories of losing glasses on vacation. There are only so many spare pairs of glasses you can bring. But in the same space, and a fraction of the cost, you can have more than enough contact lenses as a backup.


Optical Benefits

Ortho-K Contact Lenses
Ortho-K Contact Lenses

The optical phenomenon of spectacle lenses means you never truly see the world as it should be. Being a distance from the eye surface, glasses have an altered field of view. By wearing contact lenses, you can ensure that your field of view is true to life. They sit right up against the surface of the eye. This means your vision is as if you had no need for glasses at all.

Additionally, contact lenses do not magnify or minify the world. You may notice in very high power glasses, eyes can look very small or large. That googly eye look is from lens magnification. By wearing contact lenses, this effect does not happen. Again, the world will look as it should.


The Options

Over the years we’ve had the benefit of better options available. Contact lens materials have improved in comfort. Many more lens power options are available, especially for astigmatism. So, what are the options?

  1. Daily disposable contact lenses

The healthiest lens choice for your eyes. As you get a new fresh pair every day, the risks of eye infections are the lowest with a daily lens. This is a very good option for travelling, especially in countries with poor water quality.

  1. Monthly / fortnightly disposable contact lenses

For a long time the work horse of contact lens options. These lenses are replaced every 2 or 4 weeks. They need daily cleaning, which means we need to be more careful in dirty environments. If you’re camping or even less glam, consider if hygiene standards can be maintained. Sometimes if you have an odd prescription, these may be the only option.

  1. Hard contact lenses

Hard or rigid contact lenses are custom made lenses. Common for people with very high or non-standard prescriptions. If these are the only option for you, then a spare pair or two would be highly recommended. Make sure you bring enough cleaning solution too! Some countries do not have all the options available.

  1. Ortho-K contact lenses

Ortho-K, or in full orthokeratology, are contact lenses you should consider. With ortho-k, contact lenses are worn over night to reshape the eye. When these contact lenses are removed, you will have clear vision for the rest of the day. They are only prescribed by specialist ortho-k contact lenses optometrist due to the expertise necessary. Orthokeratology contact lenses are a fantastic option if you are travelling for adventure. Think riding through a dusty dessert or jet-skiing the Mediterranean. There are no contact lenses to be lost. No dirt or dust can be trapped under your contact lenses. Absolute freedom for your needs.


No matter your choice of contact lenses, they all offer freedom from glasses. So before your next journey, see your optometrist and find the best option for you.

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