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With the advent of each passing day, Internet population is increasing across all parts of the globe. This has lured more people to play online games in their Smartphone. This craze is also increasing as the use of Smartphone is on the rise across all countries of the world. With the changing improvement in technology, more people are shifting to online platform for playing casino sitting at the comfort of their home. Due to the increasing demand for playing, many online casino websites are being launched every other day in the market.

As all online casino websites are struggling to attract more players, the market is becoming more competitive. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important for these online casino websites to have customer feedback about the various promotions and activities in their websites. Hence it is very much necessary to install a customer feedback or a contact form in the website. Online casino websites like have installed contact form in their website so that the players can contact the management in case of any problem or share their experience via the contact form.

Let us discuss the advantages of having a contact form in an online website –


Security is one of the most important reasons for having a contact form in the website. It helps to decrease the spam and keep the website safe and secure. If your email address is directly displayed in the website, it is expected that you will be flooded with spam and unwanted emails. Expert analysts are of the view that the robots go on crawl the Internet for those email addresses which are openly displayed or exposed. If they find any such email address, it will automatically get landed up in the hands of the spammers and they will take full advantage of the situation. Another most disturbing fact is that your email address will be flooded with annoying and unwanted offers. To avoid such disturbances, it is best to install a contact form plug-in in the online casino website. It will also keep the website safe and secure.

2.To make yourself more reachable

If you are flooded with email spam, experts may guide you to link the social media profiles through your contact us page and in the process, the users can get you in your social media profiles. But the fact is that not each and every user has got the habit of using the social media and it also creates more of work load on the players or users who are planning to reach to you. This may result in the loss of business. If the contact us form is simply made, your users can directly get in touch with you from your website without taking any other way round. If you give your business phone number in your website, then also the users may contact you. But in that case, you may not be available in person 24×7 to attend all phone calls. When the users get the contact form displayed in the website, they have a feeling that you are available and while they fill up the form, there is a feeling that you are always available.

3.Helps to generate leads

When a player submits his query through the contact form, you get his email address. When you add his email address in the contact list, he becomes a regular member of your email list. In the future, you may send him the different promotions of your website and it will help you to get more business. He has already visited your website and is interested in your promotions. He is not a new visitor and hence is aware of your promotions and other offers. You can make your contact form a more conversational type.

4.More convenient to reach you

You must keep your contact form more convenient for use so that it becomes easier for the players to reach you. The user must find it easier to search in the website and he must feel convenient to use them. The contact form should be –

  • It should be kept simple. You should ask for only the information which is really needed. The steps for filing the web contact form should be clearly mentioned.
    The contact form fields should be arranged in a logical way.
  • Allow the users to go through different fields of the form at a glance.
  • You should highlight the fields which you want to make mandatory. Take some important information about the contact details of the person so that you can update your database and include his details in your database.
  • Use proper color information when the user goes on filling up the form. If it is incorrect, it should be marked as read and if it is correct, should be marked as green.
  • After the user submits the data, give a proper and transparent feedback of his queries.

You can automate the tasks

Once any user submits some query through the contact form, you can automatically redirect to that to the right person so that he can solve his problem and address to his queries. The contact form automatically enables the management to automate the tasks. In such cases, the time required to solve the problem becomes much lesser. It increases the goodwill of the online casino site to a great extent. Players are of the opinion that a particular website is good if addresses the customer grievances very fast.

Know your customers well

Once you communicate with the players who are playing through your site by the contact form of the website, you can know the types and demand of your users very well. Once you start getting regular customer feedback about your users, you can start planning your offers and promotional schemes quite well. You can update your email newsletter as per those feedbacks so that it becomes interesting to them. You can send them directly to the email address of the users which you have already got with you.


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