One of the primary organs of our body is the eyes. For daily living, vision is a necessity for all of us. People often consult with an optometrist every year for annual eye checkups. Most of the people do not want to spend their money on their eye checkups and as a result often face some serious eye problems.

Optometrists are medical professionals who offer many benefits to anyone who is suffering from any kind of eye condition. They diagnose and detect any potential threats related to your eyes and also suggest you consult specialized ophthalmologists to prevent glaucoma and retina related infections. Loosing eyesight can be the biggest tragedy in a human life. Hence it is crucial to see an optometrist to regularly monitor your eye. Most of the time people do not realize that there is an inherent eye issue which needs supervision. The following signs will give you an indication that you must consult with an optometrist immediately.

signs that indicate that you need a consultation with optometrist:


# 1. If you have persistent headache: If you are always complaining about a recurring head pain, then it must be the right time to discuss the problem with the optometrist. Sometimes, unhealthy lifestyle like working with computers for long time or using insufficient lights while reading a book can lead to eye sight related problems. The first sign of this can be persistent headaches. Astigmatism is in general, the main reasons of such headaches. The eye sight problem can also lead to other signs such as nausea or frequent vomiting feeling. An optometrist can run eye tests and suggest glasses or contact lenses to reduce the stress of your eyes.

# 2. Signs of any eye infection: If you are suffering from any kind of eye infections along with pain and redness then it is another sign that you need to visit the optometrist. If you feel sensitive to light, experience blurred vision and irritation on the eyes are some of the major symptoms of eye infection. Consultation with an optometrist will help you check your vision and get recommended solutions as well.

# 3. Experiencing Floaters galore or bright flashes: Floaters are experienced by many people. These are the small dust particles which you can see when you look on a white wall or when you look at the sky. Usually there is nothing to much worry about when you see floaters. However, if you find a sudden increase in floaters then you need to consult with an optometrist. Bright flashing light or shadows experienced in your vision are signs of detached retina. This can lead to permanent blindness and hence you must solve such problems at their initial stage by consulting optometrist.

# 4. Any eye pain: If you feel any pain in your eyes it can be because your eyes are turning dry. Initially you can try using eye drops to keep the eyes wet. But if you still feel the pain on your eyes then chances are that you have some eye injury and hence you need to consult with an optometrist. Injury.


# 5. If you have Diabetes: If you are a diabetic patient or if it runs in the family then you need to consult with an optometrist every month. Increased blood sugar can destroy your vision completely. If eye conditions are not solved easily then you can suffer from glaucoma, retina infection and eye infections due to diabetes.

Eye infections are very common. You can suffer from various eye problems such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis, styes, and keratitis, bacterial or fungal infections etc. You need to learn the signs and never hesitate to take professional help from an optometrist whenever you feel it is necessary.

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