Compare Interest Terms before Opting for a Professional Loan

The availability of professional loans has made it convenient for the likes of chartered accountants, doctors, and engineers to fulfill their diverse funding needs.
These funding options come with several attractive features and benefits that make them suitable for both personal and professional use.
Today, several lenders offer hassle-free, unsecured loans to doctors, chartered accountants, and such other professionals.
Nevertheless, the CA loan interest rate can vary significantly from one lender to another. Thus, comparing the various rates to decide on the most suitable one is the best way to approach for such loans.

How can you compare various loan interest rates?

You can search for the CA loan interest rate on offer from various lending institutions. Once you have selected a handful of lenders, proceed to compare the applicable rates simply through manual comparison.
To assess the interest payable by the tenor’s end as per these rates, you can utilize an EMI calculator available online.
Consequently, you can settle for a lender with whom interest payable is calculated at a minimum.

Reasons to compare professional loan interest rates

Failure to compare the terms of a loan can leave you with a greater financial burden than you can manage.
Any guide to starting a new CA firm would commence with choosing the most suitable lender for your business.

Listed below are some reasons to undertake such a comparison –

Acquiring the lowest rates – Interest rate contributes significantly to the total repayment liability a borrower has to meet until the tenor’s end. Therefore, the simplest way to minimize liability is to opt for a loan that does not overburden your finances.

Determining monthly liability – Determining the monthly liability to be borne as EMIs also allows for efficient financial management throughout the tenor. Interest rates contribute significantly to this fixed monthly outgo, which is why it is ideal to compare interest rates. Specialized online tools such as an EMI calculator, as mentioned above, can help with both, the comparison of interest rates and EMI determination.
While comparing CA loan interest rate is crucial before sending an application, one should also keep an eye on other factors at the same time.

Other factors you need to consider

Apart from interest rates, ensure you consider the following aspects of a loan as well.

Repayment tenor
To limit monthly installments, one can choose longer tenor and vice versa. Keep in mind that increasing tenor will cause you to pay higher overall interest, even though it reduces EMI burden.

Loan principal
The loan amount that a borrower is eligible to avail will differ among various lenders. Thus, depending on the loan you seek to avail, you must consider its costs. Like, when opting for a loan for doctors, consider the costs involved in setting up a medical practice. Know that the eligible quantum contributes to determining the doctor loan interest rate applicable.
To ensure minimal financial burden, individuals should restrict borrowing to just as much as they require. Excessive borrowing can lead to hindrances in repayment.

Reputation of the lending institution
The majority of NBFCs today offer professional loans to doctors, chartered accountants, and engineers, with varying features. Bajaj Finserv is one such NBFC offering these financial products. CAs, doctors, and the likes can thus avail up to Rs.2 crore as a professional loan from the lender depending on the type of loan selected.

The financial institution also brings pre-approved offers to accelerate the loan application procedure. These offers are available on a wide variety of financial products, such as personal loans, business loans, etc. You can check your pre-approved offer by submitting your name and phone number.
Thus, while it is a wise idea to compare CA loan and doctor loan interest rates before picking your ideal lender, it is equally crucial to consider other essential factors. Take care to compare and consider all of these before finalizing a lender to maximize benefits from your professional loan.


With the easy availability of professional loans, the likes of CAs, doctors, and engineers can conveniently access substantial funds to fulfill their financing needs. They can utilize the attractive features and benefits to make the most of these loans.
Nevertheless, since many NBFCs offer these financial products, one should compare the doctor loan and CA loan interest rates before choosing his/her lender. The rates can differ significantly among various lending institutions, which is why such a comparison is the best approach for a borrower.
Apart from the interest rate comparison, a potential borrower should also consider other factors as well. For instance, the tenor for a loan can determine your total interest liability at the end of the repayment period. It can also decide your EMIs – longer tenor results in decreased monthly installments.
The loan amount that you seek to avail is also an additional factor that you should consider. The maximum professional loan amount will differ from one NBFC to another. Therefore, pick a lender based on how much loan you can avail.
Lastly, the reputation of your financier is something you must consider before availing loans. Only after considering all of these aspects should you decide on the most suitable lending institution.

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