Common Mistakes To Avoid For Healthy Hair

Long, healthy, lustrous hair is a dream of every woman. Good hair plays a vital role in one’s overall appearance and attractiveness, which is why women don’t think twice before spending sums of money on buying hair care products. But what they often overlook are the basic mistakes they make by exposing their hair to harmful cosmetic products and hair styling tools which make hair dry and unhealthy. Listed below are common hair care mistakes that you must avoid in order to redeem your healthy locks:

  1. Daily washing and choosing the wrong shampoo: excessive washing of hair removes healthy natural oils from the scalp and thus it is advised to avoid washing them daily. If you have oily hair, wash it every alternate day, but not daily. Next important thing to keep in mind is to choose a shampoo that match the pH of your hair and scalp. Go for 100% natural shampoos with coconut and aloe vera as they are gentle on hair and give them the moisture they need.  The quantity of shampoo also plays an important role, remember less is more!

  1. Extreme towel drying: another common hair care mistake that women make is that they tie a towel around the head after a shower. You must know that intense towel drying cause damage to the hair follicles. Too much rubbing roughens up the cuticle resulting in frizz and breakage. What you should do instead is blot the hair softly using a towel, from root to the end. Hair stylists also suggest using a paper towel to dry hair.     

  2. Combing/styling wet hair: too much combing can result in stretching and breakage, especially when they are just washed. This is because hair follicles have no elasticity when they are wet and hence are weakest at that time. Brushing, braiding wet hair will make breakage all-too-easy, making them more vulnerable to dryness. What you should do instead is allow them to dry thoroughly before combing or styling them.   

  3. Skipping trims: the worst hair care mistake according to stylists is skipping a haircut. Regular trims are important even if you are planning to grow your hair. Do note that once split ends appear, there will be no way to mend it and you will end up getting more hair cut than you would have if you’d trim them at the right time.     


Avoid these common mistakes to get more good hair days! However, if you still face hair fall, there are effective hair loss treatments in Delhi that will help you redeem your healthy locks. PRP Therapy for hair loss, conducted at reputed skin care clinic like AAYNA, is one such treatment that uses the regenerative properties of platelets to induce tissue repair and results in new growth and stronger hair.    


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