Clothing Trends & Outfit Ideas for 2018

Clothing trends of women dresses keep on changing from year to year. 2018 has shown us a lot of new fashion trends and styles.

If you want to keep yourself updated with all the styles, you must visit the own the looks online store. You will find every latest design there. All you would be needed is to visit their website and choose the best dress for yourself. Here are we showing you some of the latest trends and outfit ideas for 2018.

2018 was all about mustard color. This color was seen everywhere in every apparel. Not just that this color was in a trend but also it suited the girls a lot. They beautifully carried it. in this particular dress, you would be seeing an off shoulders top as well. off shoulders stole the show in 2018. pall the women went crazy for this style and they were all so happy with the new Womens Trousers and dresses design as well.

Velvet hoodie

You might have seen a lot of velvet dresses but now we present to you the velvet hoodie. It will keep you warm with a style you would own.  As velvet has so many bright colours, these hoodies have brights colours as well. if you are not a bright colour woman but love velvet, you can wear black in it as well. The hoice is all yours.

Rectangle cut out drop earrings

In 2018, we saw a lot of shapes in earrings. There were different squares, rectangles, circles and even triangles. The shapes were all moulded in different ways to bring them more fashion and style. Girls loved them and used them as different accessories as well. some used the fashion shapes accessories as their hairpins but some wore them in their ears.

Off the shoulder co-ords

This off shoulder pleated co-ord looks so fine and its intricate design give its appearance more charm and style. The colour shown below is adding more fun thing in it because this is such a different colour and you rarely find this colour in your outfits.

Amber neckline corset top and midi dress

This amazing corset top with an A-line midi dress has all that you would be needing on your next date. The semi-revealing top with tie knots is making the outfit look fancier. Do try it if you like it on your next occasion.


DIMA AL SHEIKHLY has collaborated with ownthelooks to bring more fashion and style to the people. they would surely love to see her collection and her style secrets.

Mentioned above were all the cutest and the best trendy outfits that you would love to wear and keep in your wardrobe. so, do try the ones you liked the most to keep yourself fashion updated.

Love fashion- love style

Loving fashion is not a new thing for the women. They have always loved to dress up in the best possible way. the trends keep on changing but the love of women for fashion persists.

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