Clever and Creative Tips to Place Salt Lamps to Get More Benefits & Aesthetic Ambiance

A salt lamp is a lamp that comes from the Himalayas. They are salt crystals powered by what is called the galvanic reaction of an anode. It comes with a USB port to charge mobile devices that are low in power examples are smartphones, cellphones, and mp4 players. Salt lamp comes in diverse weights, shapes, and sizes.


These salt crystals or lamps can be traced back to 250 million years ago. During the era named the Jurassic era, some sorts of high pressure from the Indo-Australian tectonic plates formed the Himalayan Mountain which continued in the push of Tibet going up at a rate of 2cm yearly. Discovery as shown that salt Crystals, lived under a wet environment about 105 million years ago when Tibet was close to the equator. As at when recorded a scorching sun helped to dry up Tethys Sea and left behind some very large salt beds. This fascinating natural salt lamp was crystallized and fossilized millions of years ago in the mountain. Ever since salt lamps hidden benefits has continued to be discovered.

Benefits & aesthetic ambiance with salt lamps

Salt lamps since its invention have been of very many benefits to mankind. This beautiful piece has a wide range of benefits when placed properly to fit in either your home or working environment. Here is some handful of salt lamps hidden benefits.

  • Salt Lamp Assists In Reducing Electromagnetic Field

When salt lamps are placed properly near computer devices, there will be a reduction in what is called electromagnetic field effects gotten from the electronic. Energy that comes out of the electromagnetic field has a connection with tiredness, headaches, depression, and weakness of the immune system and lack of concentration.

  • It Helps To Improve The Environment

First question comes, where to place salt lamp in a home. This matters the most especially when we have kids at home and big family to live with. Having a kid’s home requires special attention salt lamps to be placed in the right corner of your room as this will help to further improve and lessen the chances that it won’t hurt anyone.

  • Placing The Salt Lamp In A Home

Placing the salt lamps in a home comes with a wide range of benefits. Some of which are as follows:

When placed in an area of your home either sitting room or any other because of their tranquility and calm effects, salt lamp will help you relax and meditate taking your mind into a very deep state.

  • Placing salt lamps helps to enhance one’s breathing. This salty lamp helps to clear the air in a way that foreign bodies will be filtered away and then keeping the lungs clean.

  • Salt lamps placed in the home helps to have cleaner air. As we know where to place salt lamp for clean air is very important. Salt lamp present in the home purifies, cleanses and deodorizes the air in our homes. This is achievable by what is called Hygroscopic. This process also helps to remove air pollutants like dust and smoke gotten from burnt coals or firewood. Salty air is very good when it comes to health-boosting which makes this benefit vital.
  • Still emphasizing on this benefits and where to place salt lamp or salt crystal in homes, a bedroom is a great place for this. Therefore a good sleep would not be left out. Salt lamps helps to purify the air thereby making sleeplessness a thing of no worry to those who have struggled with sleep over the years.

Himalayan Salt Crystals Are Great Dust Filters

Himalayan salt crystals with its essential benefits, filters dust and any other air pollutant. This salt lamp helps to prevent us from air contaminated diseases. People who have been struggling with asthma can benefit from the presence of Himalayan salt in their homes. Some inhalers manufacturers have even embraced the idea of including Himalayan salt into their products as it helps to fight against respiratory issues like bronchitis and others.

  • Further discovery has also shown that salt lamps can help in proper flow of blood in the body. As important has blood is to humans, it is required of us to make sure blood flows properly in the body. The presence of salt lamp in the home or office makes this possible.

  • A body that lacks energy will function less and this is as a result of the presence of positive ions. On the other hand, negative ions do the opposite and this is made possible with the presence of Himalayan salt lamps.

  • The Himalayan salt lamps in the home helps to increase concentration and performance. Whether old or young the brain needs to be up and running so as to be excellent in all we do. So for full concentration and overall performance depends a lot on where we place salt lamp, especially with the presence of kids in home who are infant, those need the brain functioning at optimum speed and healthy environment.

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