Classy Vintage Steampunk Corsets ( New Fashion Trends)

Steampunk corsets are called vintage when they are made in the fashion of 16th – 18th century (the Victorian era) or date back to that time. Many of us have a thing for antique things and would love to own them.

The shape of corsets has changed since the past years. Even though the corsets are worn under the clothes; in the past, they were more elegant and classy but today firstly: they are almost none -existent and secondly: the ones available are of bad quality which instead of improving your body’s shape make it worse.

But again, how do we own them? Because for the middle classed person buying a lot of antique stuff is hard as it is extremely expensive, only rich people can easily buy them, or in some cases, people have to hand me down family heirlooms which they safe keep.

Corsets are used to maintain the shape of the body and torso in the desired way, particularly by women. They are also used to support the upper body, for medical purposes, to make the posture better or for aesthetic purposes too. They are generally made up of any good stretchable material or leather and whalebone (as it is flexible) for durability.

No one in this era makes these kinds of things on demand- it was the old era in which the specialized people hand created the unique things whose quality was better than the quality of most things today.

Corsets came into existence during the middle of the 16th century. European and British women excessively used them because in those days the appearances and good looks were more important than actual personality.

This sophisticated garment started in the beginning by sewing a piece of wood or whalebone into the casing of the corset as to help maintain its shape and posture but also because it was flexible and not easily broken.

They were generally made up of cotton, satin, leather or mesh, and also used steel boning for shaping your waist completely, it modified it to fit in the clothing. Although corsets are pretty painful; they are so tight that they almost take away your breath (literally!) still people wear them because there are some fantastic benefits of wearing it.

Benefits of Wearing a Corset:

  • They make your body look super slim and smart.
  • They stop your tummy from bloating and hanging, and it also controls your waist size and shape.
  • It flattens your midriff.
  • Makes your chest look more uplift.
  • Improves the posture of your body.

In the Victorian era; there was hardly a women’s dress which didn’t require a corset to be worn under it. If you are a fan of the Victorian era and steampunk corsets, then you should consider wearing a complete and proper steampunk Victorian costume to pay tribute to that particular era and to look beautiful.

If you are planning a steampunk look then wearing a corset is one of the essential things because, without it, your steampunk look will be incomplete. Steampunk Desk is the one-stop solution for all your steampunk needs

There is no doubt that corsets appealed to the women of the Victorian era because it was a time of male dominance, and women had to do anything and everything to gain the favor of the opposite gender.

So, they created a weapon which can lure any men. Corsets were initially designed to achieve the ultimate feminine shape; reduced your waist and exaggerated hips and chest. Some of the most famous Victorian steampunk corsets are:

Top 5 Victorian Corsets:

  1. The (Faux) Leather One: Arley Steampunk Under bust Corset
  2. The Extravagant One: Steampunk Brown Half bust Corset with Skirt
  3. The Classic One: Frawirshau Halter Under bust Steampunk Bustier
  4. The Avant-Garde One: Charmian Steampunk Brocade Victorian Corset
  5. The Very Steampunk One: Bluland Steampunk Gothic Under bust Corset

However, the corsets that are now available in the market or online are not of the same quality and purpose as the corsets of the Victorian era. The corsets that we have today are only for fashion and not for actually slimming our waists instead for decorating purposes. To get the best steampunk corsets at best price visit here.

If you are looking for just showing off, you can buy the corsets from the categories of 20th century onwards, but if you are looking for a corset which will shape your body, then you should buy the original vintage corsets. Vintage corsets are one of the old things which are still available in the markets (if you know where to find a good one).

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