Christmas Festival Celebrations – Christmas Festival Around The World

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. A global festival, it is all around the world celebrated. 25th December, as Christmas is celebrated every year. Although the birth of Jesus Christ celebrates known the exact date of his birth not because of the difference on the calendar and culture. Celebration of Christmas goes back 4000 years in terms. The festival of Christmas brings happiness, joy and love.

With the birth of Jesus Christ inherited a new amendment to the lives of people. Jesus Christ was not taken in any castle or palace but was too poor and humble parents born. History indicates that the celebration of Christmas from AD 98 abfuhr. But it was only in AD 137, that it officially, Bishop of Rome was declared by the day as the day of the birth of Jesus Christ must be celebrated. Back in 350 AD, I chose Julius, a Bishop of Rome 25 December as the day before, around Christmas to celebrate.

12 days Christmas is not just a song, but it has some symbolic significance and its importance is very deep. The Twelve Days of Christmas, the days, with Christmas and ends with the beginning of the revelation begins. Christmas is 12 days, in general, an allegory. 12 day Christmas symbolizes twelve different things that a religious significance of their own. It is said that people of England, were forced to their religion during the years 1558 to 1829 public practice, and during this time was that this song was written to the young people to help in their faith and learn auszukennen .

Christmas is all around the world celebrated in different ways. The tradition of the celebration of Christmas varies from country to country. The tradition of the celebration of Christmas has gradually changed with the times, but still there is something old tradition, still followed. What are we doing for Christmas? Of course we buy new clothes, decorate the house and Christmas tree, set up Christmas. But, if the word Christmas comes to our mind, some of the things that we are visible, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, gifts and Christmas greetings and  cake. Enjoy this Christmas season. 

Each of the 12 days of Christmas has a meaning of their own.

  • First day- The partridge in a pear is Jesus Christ on the cross.
  • Second day- The “two turtle doves” are the Old and New Testaments.
  • Third day- The “three turtle doves” symbolizes hope, love and faith.
  • Fourth day- The “four calling birds” are the four Gospels.
  • Fifth day- The “five golden rings” are the first five books of bible.
  • Sixth day- The “six geese a-laying” refers to the six days of creation.
  • Seventh day- The “seven swans a swimming” stands for the seven gifts of the spirit.
  • Eighth day- The “eight maids a milking” stands for the eight beatitudes.
  • Ninth day- The “nine ladies dancing” refers to the nine fruits of Holy Spirit.
  • Tenth day- The”ten lords a-leaping” symbolizes Ten Commandments.
  • Eleventh day- The “eleven piers piping” are the eleven disciples.
  • Twelfth day- The “twelve drummers drumming” stands for the twelve points Apostles’ Creed.

12 days of Christmas emphasize the religious significance of Christianity with a meaning attached to each day. That is what 12 days of Christmas is all about. Wish You all Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

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