Even though summer is now well and truly behind us, there will still be plenty of people thinking about jetting off to warmer climes. Whether it’s a trip away to stretch the summer out that little bit longer, or a Christmas holiday abroad later on in the year, there’s still ample opportunity to lounge around on the beach even throughout autumn and winter. However, if you’re going to be spending time surrounded by sun, sea, and sand, then you’ll naturally need to invest in the perfect bikini- and that’s something a lot of women have great difficulty finding.

If you want to choose a bikini that’s flattering, then you firstly need to figure out your body type. You’ll find that plenty of other articles online group women into five main body types, but the fact is, every woman is different. Nevertheless, most women are aiming for an “hourglass” figure, with a large chest and hips and a midsection that curves inwards. If you want to achieve this too, then you’ll need to pick a bikini which enhances your best features, rather than distracting from them. This is the main advantage of a bikini over a one-piece- you can mix and match to suit your body type.

Since you know your own body better than anyone, follow the pointers below and you should be able to pick the perfect bikini for your figure. Those who want to emphasize their bum and make it look bigger should opt for a skimpier bikini, preferably one which rests on the hips to give this area more of an impact. On the other hand, if you want your bum to look smaller, then you should instead select a bikini which covers you up a little more. Avoid patterns such as polka dots or stripes, since these only draw more attention to this area. Finally, if you want to make your legs look longer, opt for a bikini which sits high on the waist and has high-cut leg holes, whereas a lower-set bikini will make your legs look shorter, and therefore give the appearance of a longer torso.

Of course, picking a bikini that suits your body shape is only the first part of the story. You’ll also want to ensure that you feel good while showing off that beach bod. For that reason, it’s a smart idea to pick a bikini in your favourite colours. Darker, more neutral colours are a great for when you’re feeling a little less confident, since they won’t draw a lot of attention. If you really want to turn heads while you strut your stuff, though, then brighter colours will work a treat.

A bikini isn’t just for lounging around in, though. It’s called swimwear for a reason! That’s why the quality and cut of the fabric is also extremely important. After all, you don’t want your brand new bikini to suddenly sag the moment you hit the water. That’s why companies like MELISSAJAY offer bikini bottoms which are rouched, so that they keep their shape even when wet. What’s more, they also exclusively use high-quality Italian fabrics with bespoke prints, so that each bikini both looks and feels like a million dollars.


So, next time you’re picking out a bikini, don’t just grab the first thing you spot in the shops. Instead, think carefully about the impact that you want to have when you’re strolling on the beach or relaxing by the pool. Then, choose a bikini which will flatter your body type, and help you create that desired impact. Lastly, choose something that’s well made and crafted from superior fabrics- after all, you deserve the best!

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