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Is the long awaited engagement date drawing near? Among the first things that you need on this day is the engagement ring. And believe it or not, the would-be-bride will be eagerly waiting for the ring. Nowadays many girls go with their would-be-husbands to choose the engagement ring; but many romantic souls wait for the ring to be a surprise altogether. Ideally, the engagement ring should be a surprise and so should be the moment of proposal. The engagement is the first step officially towards the union of two people and should be an unforgettable experience for sure.

An engagement ring just like she had thought of

It is needless to say that the timing, place and ambience of the engagement should be perfect to create memories for lifetime. And also the engagement ring. Try and purchase a ring that matches her expectations and has everything that she had expected in the engagement ring. And what better than diamond rings for the engagement? When you propose and slip the ring on her finger, notice the spark of happiness in her eyes. The ring symbolizes how much you love her and how you feel for her. See that the ring conveys the same to her and that she loves it. It is quite obvious that when she loves the ring, she is sure to love the person more who gave her the ring.

On accepting the engagement ring, it is time to plan wedding and then the future. Apart from diamonds, many other precious and semi-precious stones can be used in engagement rings including emeralds, aquamarine, sapphire, tourmaline, topaz etc. If you are tight on the budget or will give a diamond ring in the wedding, you can think of other options in the engagement.

Choosing perfect engagement ring

Many people make a smart choice of buying engagement ring sets, instead of just buying a single engagement ring for the would-be-bride. For making the perfect choice of the ring, it is recommended to choose the right design and setting of the ring, the right metal for the band of the ring and last but not the least, the main stone used in the ring. This stone will be the main attraction in the ring. Ensure that the diamond you choose has the right sparkle as that is what will draw her attention. Even if the diamond is of small size, the sparkle should be dazzling. You might be tight on budget, but get a ring which she will be proud of flaunting.

Choice of the band metal

It is obvious that the band metal is as important as the stone itself. Majority of women prefer metals like gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum etc. However, it is important to see that the stone should be matching with the band metal. A great way of understanding the choice of band metal is by taking notice of the kinds of jewelries the girl wears. This gives an idea of the designs and styles she loves. If you can afford, settle for a platinum and diamond combination engagement ring. She is sure to love it without doubt! The design and setting of the ring is also important as it will decide how the ring will look on the finger. The ring should make her feel proud and happy and remind of the bond both of you share.

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