Check This Before You Buy Soft Serve Machine

Making tasty soft serve is a lot better than most people imagine! Soft serve is simply aerated ice cream or ice cream that has just been mixed with air. To preserve the flavor and consistency of the ice cream while still creating a light and fluffy feel, the “overrun,” or volume of air contained to the ice cream is usually maintained between 35 and 45 percent.

Ice cream is a means of attraction for kids as well as adults. If you have a soft-serve ice cream machine at your quick service restaurant or the gas station, it might attract a lot of customers towards your business. They might walk in just for the ice cream but end up purchasing a lot more than what they walked in for. You need to look out for the best soft-serve ice cream machine to grow your business.

When you search for such machines, you will come across various types of soft serve machines. You need to be sure of a few things before you select the machine. There is a range of soft-serve ice cream machines designed to suit the shop’s needs. You can select the best machine according to your requirement.

The following are some important factors you should consider during the selection process of a soft-serve ice cream machine your desire.

1) Number of Flavors

When it comes to ice cream, the first that the buyer is interested in is the variety of flavors you offer. Ideally, the best soft-serve ice cream machines have two flavors. These machines have three handles, one each for the flavor and the third one for the mixture of both the flavors. Because these machines have the twist mixture handle, they are termed as twin twist machines. Soft serve machines are also available in three flavor ice creams. These machines have two twist handles for the mixed flavor.

2) The Number of Servings per Minute

We will make sure you have the correct computer for your application if you tell us how many servings you want to make every hour and what size they will be. You will choose an optimal freezing cylinder size and rated output based on your serving size and output. If you’re just serving small portions (3-5 ounces) and a small number of them per minute or hour, you should use a reduced capacity unit with a smaller freezing cylinder. Buying a machine with a greater capacity than you want will result in wasted material, high energy costs, and higher initial costs. O n the other hand, getting a machine with insufficient capacity or rated output would result in lesser revenue and dissatisfaction. If you want to serve more than the system is capable of, you will either starve the freezing cylinder or end up with a low-quality product.

3) Understanding the Product You Want To Sell

Wide chains and easy serve restaurants have generally sold soft-serve ice cream using a pressurized or air pump system. To generate friction and retain the air-to-product ratio as the product reaches the freezing container, the air pump machines will draw a higher, regulated percentage of air into the product as it enters the freezing cylinder. Any soft serve machine you buy will be able to produce soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, or custard, and you can change the ingredients or flavors at any time according to your will.

4) Type of Soft-Serve Machine

The two main types of machines that you will come across in the market are the floor model or the countertop model. You must determine if a countertop or floor model is right for you based on the amount of room you have and the amount of product you wish to sell. Soft serve countertop ice cream machine is only effective in shops that plan to sell a limited quantity of soft-serve ice cream. Floor models are preferable because they have locking caster wheels which are easier to move around – keep in mind that these machines are heavy! Unless you need a high capacity system, which is usually larger and needs the extra space for a floor unit, most soft serve models will be equipped in either floor standing or countertop configurations.

5) Some Other Factors:

  • Air-Cooled vs. Water-Cooled Heat Removing System.
    Heat is removed from air-cooled machines via a condenser fan, while heat is removed from water-cooled machines via a water plate.
  • Hopper Agitator
    Hopper Agitator regularly mixes the product stored in the refrigerated hopper to keep it uniformly cooled and mixed, as well as to minimize ice accumulation around the hopper walls.
  • Gravity vs. Pressure-Fed Soft Serve Machines
    Gravity soft-serve devices use gravity to move soft serve mix by feed tubing through the freezing cylinder, while pressure-fed machines utilize a pump to pass the mix from the hopper to the freezing cylinder.

The best soft serve ice cream machine vendors will provide you with a variety of equipment, supplies, and related items all in one location. At Flavor Burst, you will find the best soft-serve ice-cream machines to install at your quick service restaurant or at a gas station. So without any delay, improve your sales by attracting customers to your business by adding a soft-serve ice cream machine.

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