CBD Oil, a Messiah for Mental Problems and Anxiety

If we take a look at the survey conducted every year, we will find that the ratio of mental and psychological problem is increasing every year. Reason is the fast paced life and the hunger to win the every battle around us. Education, qualification, a good life or a flourishing career and a never ending high class lifestyle; the list to jitter our mind is seriously endless. This gives rise to loads of pressure on our mind leading to anxiety, stress and depression. Consequently, it leads to mental fatigue and other serious health conditions like hypertension, heart diseases, cardiac arrest, high cholesterol, diabetes and much more.

Avoiding any early symptoms of anxiety and stress may lead to these health problems and could be fatal too. So before it is too late, we must look around for its solution. It is really tough to get rid of the worldly stress we receive in our daily life but at least we can curb the effect of stress and can lower down with some medications.

An allopathic way could be allergic to somebody and may also invite some kinds of side effects to the body. So opting for natural way of treatment can be a safe solution.

Now days, people are getting more inclined towards the holistic medicines. For mental health and diluting the increasing stress level of the mind, CBD Oil is the best alternate for us. It is called cannabidiol oil (CBD Oil) which is being extracted from a natural herb called marijuana, scientifically being called cannabis sativa. Some people think if it is being extracted from the marijuana plant may bring dizziness or tipsy effect but it is certainly wrong. Unlike THC, it has the mind altering molecule that activates adenosine receptors. The adenosine receptors have major functions in controlling and regulating the cardiovascular activities, controlling myocardial oxygen consumption and coronary blood low. Adenosine also called A2A receptor has major anti-inflammatory effects all through the body.

CBD was discovered in the year 1992. Its main cannabidiol molecules are also called anandamide, which in Sanskrit means “happy molecule”. It is a natural based oil plant, which relaxes the body and helps in diverting the body from the stress stipulating activities to rejuvenated activities, making the person feel good and happy. All the stress releasing hormones are safely controlled by this herbal oil.  It not only makes the person happy and relaxed but helps in getting good sleep by relaxing not only the mind but the body as well.

With regular intake of CBD oil the body attains a balanced system making other organs of the body function properly. For example, it makes the stomach and intestine works well, controls the inflammation and also reduces pain in any part of the body including the migraine and arthritis plain. Thus, once the body functions well and is free from any sort of pain, it attains the stage of blissful position and so the person feels happy and stress-free.

“The marijuana will make me go high” is completely a myth. It’s true that it is extracted oil from the same plant. But mind it. It is only an extract and not the concrete form of marijuana. So there is no chance of feeling dizziness or going high the way alcohol does. Yes, it helps in getting a sound sleep but it is not the intoxication but a calmness of the body when all the organs functions well and you are away from any sort of physical pain.  It has also been proved that the regular usage of CBD oil can heal the negative effects of THC which sometimes bring loss of appetite, weight gain and paranoia.

Legalization of CBD

Now comes, the legal information about CBD or marijuana. Yes it was banned in all over the world earlier but with the introduction of CBD oil and other medicinal advantages of cannabis herb, 50 states have authorized it for medicinal purposes. The illegal usages for intoxication is still illegal everywhere.

So if you are looking for some herbal way to challenge the stress and anxiety in your life and enhance your mental health, opting for CBD oil is the best remedy. Like any other oil extracts, it comes in the liquid form with dropper and can be taken through nostrils which directly contacts with the sinus areas and brains and other nerves attached to it. Thus, it sooths your head, relieves migraine pain instantly and a regular consumption may help to get rid of pains and anxiety in you.

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