Carpet Cleaning : Commitment to Health and Safety during Coronavirus

On the surface of it, your carpet may appear neat and clean to you. It is not something unusual. But do you know that your spic and span rug is the favorite breeding ground d for all your hidden enemies? Still, have a confusion? The fact is that your carpet witnesses most of the footfalls in a day. So, that works to 365 days in a year, and 24 x 7.

If talking about the surface look, then you are still mistaken. There may be stains and spills that sink into the fabric and become invisible to the naked eye. What’s more, in the current pandemic, when someone sneezes on your carpet, the droplets may remain on the rug for long. Now, this is something to worry about in the current COVID 19 situation. Get your carpets professionally cleaned with Indiana carpet care

Reasons for Professional Carpet Cleaning 

The grounds are many to get in a professional team for the detailed cleaning of your carpets. Professional cleaning becomes mandatory if


1. Stubborn Stains

There may be stubborn strains, some visible, some dried- up, that need thorough pulling out. It’s time to call in the experts when the stains don’t move with ordinary brushing or cleaning.


2. Pets Around

Pets are the sure reasons for spoiling your carpets. Muddy paws can bring in all the hidden elements.


3. A Gathering of Relatives

You have a get-together at your house, then a dirty carpet won’t do. You need to get clean rugs.


4. Children

Children like to play around with all the spills and the stains of colors and paints. It can be droppings of food items also.

5. Guests

Your house is a popular fixture in the neighborhood. People keep dropping in to say hello. When people come, they also bring in foreign particles.

6. Long Time

It’s been a year, and you haven’t done the thorough cleaning of your flooring. It’s time to get in a professional team to do the cleaning in detail.

The above are the common reasons to get your carpets cleaned that you do in the ordinary course. But now the conditions are no longer the same. The pandemic requires homeowners to remain extra safe and vigilant as far as cleanliness is concerned.

Cleaning Your Carpets during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The challenges have increased. But you can remain safe by having the correct information

1 Vacuum Cleaning 

Vacuum cleaning can make a difference in the cleaning of your carpet. The device works to pull out stubborn dirt that sticks into the fabric of the carpets. You can achieve cleanliness to a reasonable extent by vacuum cleaning

2 Sanitizing

Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing are three different processes. One cannot work in place of eth other. All three have their unique characteristics. Carpets can be cleaned and sanitized; they cannot be disinfected.

Carpets have porous surfaces; it can gather dust and dirt but cannot harbor viruses. So the first step is always keeping your carpets clean.

3 The Automated Advantage 

The mechanical advantage means that someone else does the chores for you. That someone here is a robot. Automated intelligence can be applied to do the cleaning of your carpets.

Robots are skilled at the vacuum cleaning part so that the team can focus on the other cleaning. Collaborative robots or cobots also provide a report on the work done.

4 The Right Product

All cleaning products are not the same. The best products can give the best results. But the use of cheap or wrong products can cause damage to the floorings. Your carpets may be expensive. The use of such spurious cleaning products can spoil the look and longevity of your rugs.

It is wise to call in a professional service with all the right gadgets and products for effective cleaning.

5 Health Concerns Are Important

Do you get your carpets cleaned just for the sake of appearances? That’s not a wise thing to do. Earlier, it was sufficient to get simple cleaning. But today, the situation is grave. The COVID19 has made it necessary to bring in more significant changes.

Cleaning or sanitizing work. But thorough cleaning is more important for health benefits. No matter how clean a carpet may look, there may be pathogens lurking to strike deep inside.

Carpets need a detailed cleaning process at regular intervals so that the goal to stay and remain healthy is met. There is more than one way to have cleaner carpets. No single method is going to work. As far as the virus is concerned, it needs detailed cleaning.

To Wrap It Up 

You know about the importance of cleanliness in the current scenario. Connect with Windell’s Carpet Care to ensure maximum results for safe surroundings.

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