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Career Advice for Incredible Women - Likeitgirl

Career Advice for Incredible Women

Being a woman in the workplace is not without its challenges. Despite that fact we’ve come some distance in the last few decades, the wage gap still exists as do glass ceilings. This said, a challenge does not mean that having an amazing, lucrative and fulfilling professional life is not possible just because you’re a woman. It does mean, however, you have to be savvy and smart about your career, using whatever advantages you can to propel yourself to wherever you want to be. Advantages like this article.


Read on. Here’s some invaluable career advice for incredible women.


1. Know Your Pay

Pay inequity is still a problem in many jobs, so, before you accept a position, know what the salary is for a person doing your job. More specifically, a man. If they offer you any less and you know you are qualified for the position, ask for it, or walk. Life is too short to settle, and you’ve worked too hard.


2. Don’t Apologise

OK, let’s preface this by saying when you’ve done something wrong, you should always apologize and own up to your mistakes. However, studies show that women in the workplace apologise all that time — way more than men — for things that aren’t even worthy of an apology. For instance, you need to know the time for a conference call and the organiser has not told you yet. A woman is more likely to send an email saying, “Sorry, but would you please let me know the time of the call?”. A man, on the other hand, is more likely to demand what he wants: “There’s no time mentioned. Let me know when the call starts. Thanks.”

When you over-apologise, you’re making yourself seem uncertain and unauthoritative. Stand your ground. Ask for what you want and don’t apologise for needing it!


3. Conserve Resources

Women are more likely to carry the mental load of family life and their career. After work, there’s the second shift working at home: making dinner, dishes, homework help, baths, bedtime. We feel like we have to do it all. We don’t. Get help! Demand it if need be. Ask your partner to step up. Get a relative to swing buy.  

Do whatever you need to do to be your best self, not only for your family, but just for yourself. You don’t need a reason to take care of yourself. Even if you don’t have a spouse or kids, there’s no reason you have to do things the hard way just to prove you’re as tough as a guy. Newsflash: many successful men rest their laurels on the shoulders of others. No one is suggesting enslaving a team of minions, but when possible, source external support. Need someone to clean the house? Hire a cleaning service. Need help writing a resume? Enlist the help of a quality resume writing service to list out your achievements in resume. Working on a presentation and want some awesome graphics, but aren’t confident in your design skills. Get a friend or colleague to help. You don’t have to take on the weight of the world just to prove you can rock it.


You can rock it, just by being the incredible woman you are. Take these tips to heart, and then put them in practice. You’ll enjoy a happier life, and more successful career. You’ve earned it!

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