Renting a car from a car rental service is often more beneficial than buying and using your own car. A car rental service can easily be accessed online and they will provide you with a huge variety of vehicles at unbelievably low prices. You can choose a car from an online rental service, pay for it with a credit card, and then pick it up at your convenience. The following are some of the many benefits that you will receive by choosing a car rental service.


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Have you ever taken a taxi or shuttle service from the airport to your hotel? This can be quite expensive. If you decide to travel to another city and spend some time there then you will need to take taxi or a Houston transportation company to get around. These costs will quickly add up. On the other hand, you could rent a car and save a ton of money. Besides, you would have the convenience of not having to carry around large amounts of money to pay for public transportation or taxis.


Renting a car will also allow you to come and go as you please, whenever you want. This will not only provide you with more freedom but it will also save you time. You will not need to wait, sometimes hours, for a bus, shuttle, or taxi.


When you fly into an airport you will be able to rent a car either at the airport or by taking a shuttle to a nearby car rental company. Most major car companies provide free shuttle services to and from the airport. By reserving your car ahead of time, your car will be waiting for you when you arrive.


Bus and shuttle seats are very uncomfortable and this will be especially true for longer trips. Taxicabs often are on the smaller side and for a  tall or large person, it is a pain to get in and out of a small vehicle. When you choose a car rental service, you get to choose a vehicle that is a 100% perfect, comfortable fit for your body. Also, you can choose a vehicle that will easily store all of your luggage.


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If you have ever owned a vehicle then you totally understand how expensive it can be to maintain your vehicle throughout the year. In the winter time you will need snow tires and in the summertime, you will need to change and store your winter tires. You also will need to spend a good chunk of money on oil changes, brake jobs, tune-ups, and any other mechanical issue. When you rent a vehicle, all of these maintenance costs will be covered by someone else.


Another disadvantage of owning a car, as opposed to renting a car, is depreciation. When you purchase a new car from a car dealership it will lose approximately 30% of its original cost as soon as you drive it off of the car lot. Cars from a car rental agency will also depreciate but it will be of no concern to you. This means that you will be able to use your hard earned money on the more important things in life and avoid wasting it on a vehicle that depreciates each and every year.

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Auto insurance continues to rise and rise. In some areas of North America, it is a true hardship on the family budget. Many people who have auto insurance also discover that their insurance is inadequate after being involved in an accident. When you decide to rent a car you will receive basic auto insurance at no extra cost. You will, however, have the option of adding additional insurance. With a private auto insurance policy, it will be necessary to pay the premiums whether you drive the vehicle or not. When you receive auto insurance from a car rental service, you will only need to pay for the insurance when you are renting and driving the vehicle.

Yes, there are many excellent reasons for renting a vehicle from a car rental service as opposed to owning your own car. People who live and work in a city often do not own a car. For them, it is usually quite easy to get around or to go to and from work. However, when traveling from one city to the next the better solution is to rent a car.

As previously mentioned, renting a car has a number of benefits including saving money and time, freedom, convenience, and comfort. Reserving and renting a car has never been easier. It can be completely done online and in the convenience of your home. After your plane has landed at the airport terminal, it will be simply a matter of checking in at the car rental service and then driving away with a vehicle of your choice.

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