Mother Nature may also have her very own schedule, however, with WaveMix, you could boost up drying time as much as 99.5%, permitting you to procedure “Hemp Bucker” nearly as rapidly as you could harvest it. WaveMix can dry as much as three,000 lbs in below 3 hours, lightly eliminating moisture through exactly making use of low-temperature thermal power. Our patented procedure prevents overheating or burning and places you in the overall manipulation of all variables. WaveMix creates extra possibilities for optimum extraction and does so in a smaller footprint and with elevated electricity efficiency, which offers a general reduction price of possession compared to different solutions. With WaveMix, you could count on constant first-class, batch after batch.


Cannabis drying may be one in every of the maximum time-eating elements of making ready hashish. However, it doesn’t need to be. Industrial thermal processing has been utilized in foods, prescription drugs, and biomass merchandise for more than a century. Many types of devices have tested top-notch outcomes in hashish drying.

Even even though hashish processing is a brand new enterprise, there may be a bent to use “attempted and true” methodologies like grasp drying. The satisfaction in the suitable grasp-drying device comes from the enterprise’s records—the “best” manufacturers had been looked as if it would be folks that used old fashioned strategies. Of course, in today’s world, the vintage approach isn’t always the best. As a hashish processor, you’re trying to extract CBD and THC on the ideal levels from massive biomass portions. You aren’t strolling a boutique dispensary―it approximately scales. That’s why you need to begin running with actual professionals, like Marion, who’ve been withinside the business biomass processing enterprise for decades.

Moving your operations from grasp-drying to microwave thermal processing gives hashish processors most important efficiencies including:
• Faster time to market, with drying instances of much less than three hours
• Lower chance of cloth losses because of wrong drying
• Consistent first-class of product
• High-first-class substances for also procedure
Cannabis manufacturers are more and more shifting far from grasp-drying closer to quicker and other dependable styles of hashish drying. A thermal business processor is a prime investment, and the device ought to final 20 to 30 years. Long-time period fees consist of electricity, maintenance, cleansing, and alternative elements, ensuring you already know what you’re stepping into earlier than shopping any drying device.

Choosing a business thermal processer doesn’t need to be confusing. Marion’s loose Thermal Processing Handbook has all of the facts you want to examine air, microwave, and freeze-drying for hashish.
After a few studies on drying technology, you will be thinking approximately the actual outcomes you could get while shifting to business thermal processing of hashish flora and hemp. Here’s the reality. Marion’s WaveMix™ Thermal Processor has been examined and demonstrated through 1/3 parties:
• In merely forty-five minutes, moisture in hemp flora become decreased from 77% to 9%
• THC content material went from 0.33% to 0.23%
• CBD content material went from 11.46% to 11%
• Total Terpene content material went to 2.58% to 1.06%
WaveMix Cannabis accomplishes those outcomes using direct heating, that is, microwave technology, together with vacuum for protective the first-class of the product. Learn other approximately the issues your friends have become and the way you can also gain from Marion’s thermal processing solutions.

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