Can You Replace Just One Battery On A Golf Cart?

At the point when it comes time to replace the batteries in your golf cart, you may be enticed to simply replace the one or two that have gone bad instead of all of them. Each person has their own reason for attempting to save money, especially with regards to pastimes or end of the week activities as they can get very costly. While it may make detect to only change the battery that necessities replacing, is it the best idea to only replace one battery on your golf cart? 


Golf carts have 4-6 individual batteries that make up the main battery. Technically you can change simply the battery that has gone bad, it isn’t suggested as it can cause permanent battery damage. At the point when a solitary battery turns sour and needs replacing, always change out all of the batteries. 


It may appear to be daunting to have to replace all of the individual batteries at the same time when only one really should be replaced, however this is actually the best strategy as it can save you money over the long haul. 


Failing to replace all of the batteries can bring about many more issues which could set you back more money than if you had quite recently replaced all of the batteries. 


Charging issues, helpless battery life, and battery imbalance are common issues that can arise from not replacing all of the batteries at the same time. Realizing when to replace your batteries and understanding why it is prescribed to replace all of the batteries and not only one will help maintain the overall function of your golf cart.

There will be times when it is appropriate to change only one or two batteries, however they happen only after you have replaced all of the batteries first.

Why You Should Replace All Of The Batteries On Your Golf Cart

Charging Issues and Poor Battery Life:

Replacing only one or two batteries in your golf cart battery pack can bring about challenges with charging and a more limited lifespan for the new ones you just purchased. At the point when it comes time to charge your batteries, the total voltage will be measured instead of each individual battery, which can and will cause the more current batteries to overcharge, bringing about an abbreviated lifespan and horrible showing.

Because of the charging issues that outcome from simply replacing the batteries that “need” it, the fresher batteries will accept the charge and finish faster than the more seasoned batteries, bringing about the more current batteries overcharging and wearing out long before they ought to.

Signs that your golf cart batteries are encountering charging issues and an abbreviated lifespan include:

  • Decrease in maximum velocity 
  • Decrease in acceleration capabilities 
  • Longer charging times 
  • Inability to “keep up” with your daily activities like it could previously

To capitalize on your battery pack and have the option to make the most of your golf cart in the way you would like, it is strongly suggested that you replace all of the batteries at the same time to forestall any further issues.

Battery Power Imbalance:

Replacing only one or two batteries instead of all of them can cause an imbalance in the force released by the batteries. More up to date batteries will apply more force, whereas the more seasoned batteries won’t because of age and the amount of resistance they will insight.

You are probably going to encounter a lag in acceleration and a disappointing amount of speed if your batteries are imbalanced. In the event that you have replaced all of the batteries and you are as yet seeing an imbalance in the force of your golf cart and the batteries, a voltage test can be done to choose the particular battery that is causing the issue.

It is always prescribed to replace all of the batteries at the same time however in this case replacing only one or two would be acceptable, so in the event that you have replaced all of the batteries and discover it is only one that is causing issues, replace that battery.

When You Should Replace Your Golf Cart Batteries?

At the point when you are encountering increased charging time:

More seasoned batteries will encounter an increase in the amount of time it takes for them to reach a full charge. The charger cannot differentiate between new batteries and old batteries and will continuously charge until the batteries have reached their full charge, bringing about a longer charge time for more established batteries.

For instance, if your golf cart normally takes 5 hours to completely charge and now it is taking 8 hours or 10 hours, it is no doubt an ideal opportunity for new batteries.

On the off chance that your golf cart has a decreased battery life:

Once you start to see that your golf cart can’t stay aware of an entire day of golf like it used to, it will no doubt be because of the batteries. On the off chance that you have gotten accustomed to your golf cart running all ludicrous course or for several miles during the day without losing charge, and now it can barely get past half of a day, changing the batteries will generally fix your concern.

In the event that you have already gone through the way toward replacing all of the batteries in your battery pack and you are as yet encountering this issue, it is savvy to check your charger and to run a test on the batteries in your pack to preclude or confirm the chance of one or two bad batteries.

Decreased Acceleration in your Golf Cart:

Once your batteries start to age and start lose their force and the amount they can apply for your golf cart, this can cause a decrease in acceleration and in speed. Your golf cart requires a certain amount of “juice” aka amperage to deliver the amount of speed you have become used to; more seasoned batteries will be unable to create this force because of the amount of resistance placed on the batteries, bringing about a more slow golf cart. You may be encountering a decrease in your acceleration if:

  • It takes longer for your golf cart to take off 
  • It takes longer for your golf cart to reach its maximum velocity 
  • Your golf cart is battling to climb a generally basic slope or grade

Considering battery fueled golf carts are able to keep up fairly well with their gas controlled relatives, encountering moderate or lagging acceleration can be indicative of expecting to replace your batteries, an as aforementioned, it is strongly prescribed to replace all of the batteries in the pack at the same.

Acid Leak:

With age, even in your batteries, comes expansion and at times leaking. As your batteries wear down and age they will expand inside their casings. This expansion will allow the acid from the batteries to leak out through the cracks in the casings or caps. On the off chance that you start to see fluid around your battery pack or in that general area, it could certainly be battery acid and time to change your batteries. Battery acid also has its dangers and ought to be taken truly; these incorporate however are not restricted to:

  • Harmfulness 
  • Corrosion, ie. it can consume different components of your golf cart 
  • Flammable, battery acid releases a gas that is exceptionally flammable and ignitable 

On the off chance that you presume you have a battery acid leak, it is critical to replace all of the batteries and clean the acid away from any component of your golf cart it may have leaked on.

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