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Can fashion be sustainable? - Likeitgirl

The world we live in is surrounded by tons of contradictions. On one side we are taken aback by all the glamour and sparkles that the fashion world brings and that become so easily accessible to some and so far out of reach to most of the people. On the other side we don’t cease to see poor people, unfairness towards certain nations and genders and far too many crimes. In this respect, we, the ones who bother to look, claim loudly that world is not fair and we need to do something to help the others.

But how many actually do something? Have you?

I am sure most of the ones reading this article will swallow and read on, thinking “this time that’s it. I AM doing something!”. But please, come back and read my article again in a few days, and tell me, have you? I don’t care what, just do something to help somebody else. Wishing nothing in exchange.

So how do you feel now? Is world a better place to live in now?

Probably not, but it is a small step forward.

Going back to my main topic – fashion – and the contradictions that exist when creating it, I recommend you to watch the documentary The True Cost. The second most polluting industry of the planet! You didn’t know that, did you now?

Well now you know. What do you do with it? How many clothes will you still buy and never use? Why not give those away?

As big players take all the limelight, the smaller talented people have no chance to show their creations and share more environmentally friendly garments. For this reason, my team and I thought of developing a platform where they can and should be able to showcase their creations – this would be Les Toiles Concept Store.

Let’s sustain talents near us and give them a chance! If you did nothing so far, just do this: see smaller players with larger eyes!

It is already brighter isn’t it 🙂 ?


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