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Cable Problems: Here's Why We Have It - Likeitgirl

Not that long ago, it was extremely common for people to have cable problems on a weekly basis. They’d lose cable in the middle of a bright, sunny day for seemingly no reason at all. When the weather was bad, it could be a daily occurrence. Even worse, it would take hours or even days for cable to come back, leaving people with very little to do and a lack of connection to the real world when things were going on they needed to know about.

So why don’t we have as many cable problems as we used to have? Even though fewer people are buying cable, why is it that it’s better than ever? Like so much else in our lives, we have the technology of Band 48 devices, WISP software management, and customer service representatives to thank for that.

Better Band 48 Devices Help With Solid Connections

Long gone are the days when you had “bunny ears” on the top of your television in order to connect with cable. Now, almost everything is done digitally and devices are built to connect in that way. The devices themselves are able to send and receive connections easily. This doesn’t just mean the television or tablet that you are using to watch cable – it means the cable box, modem, router, and system that makes your cable run. 

The cable company has better devices as well. They are able to monitor everything in real time and focus on problem areas before they result in outages or problems for the customer.

Better Management Reduces Problems

Another cool thing about the management that cable companies do is that they are able to track problems and see what could happen before anything comes to light. For example, they know when an area hasn’t had maintenance in some time thanks to dashboards that monitor potential problems. 

Even if your cable does go out, they look at this dashboard and easily spot the problem area and send their teams to that location (digitally and physically) as soon as possible. This means that outages are shorter and you may not even notice the problem. Companies are also able to identify issues sooner and give you a heads up, predict how long the problem will take to solve, and even problem solve right on the phone with you.

Customer Service Representatives Make The Difference

Customer service representatives are really the unsung heroes of many situations, especially within the cable field. These customer service representatives have been trained and are responsible for really making everything run as smoothly as possible. They know what they are doing, and now most of them have the tools they need to get their jobs done quickly and easily. While they still face some troubles from people and products, they are fewer and further between. This allows them to really dig in and help when the problem is difficult.

Overall, we don’t have as many cable problems as we used to for so many reasons. Better technology has helped quite a bit, but customer service reps are extremely helpful as well. Everything works together to make a better experience for the customer, which is why some people may actually stay with cable when it isn’t as popular.


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