The N95 pollution masks have been in our lives long before it completely changed after the onset of COVID-19 pandemic. But since the outbreak of coronavirus, the sale of the N95 face masks in UK have surged. People have realised lately that the coronavirus is not going anytime soon and so have also had to comprehend that these face masks have become the permanent part of our lives.

Understanding this fact, many people and medical manufacturers have started to manufacture the N95 face masks in bulk. This is because these masks are high in demand and large supplies of it are needed by the medical professionals and healthcare workers as they need these face masks to protect themselves from the virus and other pathogens. These medical professionals have been working day and night and have to fight this deadly virus on a daily basis in this pandemic.

What are N95 masks?

The N95 face masks are the ultimate protective shields of US standard that provide ultimate protection. These masks can filter out 95% of the small and particulate matter of the size of more than 0.3 microns. N95 masks are especially recommended by the international health organizations such as CDC (centre for disease control and prevention) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) as various tests have been conducted on these masks.

If the masks are made as per the industry standard, they offer a complete seal fit support around the nose and mouth. The ejacks face masks have been offering these best industry-standard masks that offer protection against pathogens and viruses along with the pollution and that too at a 95% filtration rate.

With the best 3D structure to fit the face and PP non weaved fabric that provides a comfortable and enhanced fit.

There are various things to look for while buying perfect N95 face masks:-

  1. You should consider checking the fit and size of the masks. As if not a proper fit, they are of no use. This is a very important factor to take note of.
  2. Also, check with your medical advisor whether you should use the N95 masks or not. We will suggest not to opt this mask and go for other ejacks face masks if you have a heart problem or any respiratory disorder. As the N95 mask’s seal fit will make it even more challenging for you to inhale while wearing them.
  3. Make sure that the exhalation valves are functional enough to cut moisture.
  4. It is not advised for the people with beards to wear these masks as they do not offer the perfect fit.

We will highly advise you to buy these ejacks face masks from and keep yourselves safe in this deadly pandemic of coronavirus that has taken over the complete world.

You can also buy these ejacks masks on wholesale at very affordable prices as well. Stay safe and stay protected by wearing masks.

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