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Breast Cancer Awareness: Important Things All Should Know - Likeitgirl

Breast Cancer Awareness: Important Things All Should Know

Breast cancer is a deadly disease that affects around 12% of women in their lifetime. It means a woman is living with a 1 in 8 chances of developing the cancer type.  For the US alone, more than 266,000 new cases of breast cancer in women are estimated to be diagnosed this year.

It is the second most deadly disease in women that comes with 2.6% death risks for every woman. Although the death rate has dropped between 1989 and 2015, experts believe many worldwide are still aren’t aware of the disease and its consequences. Your little efforts today to raise awareness can make a huge difference tomorrow in people’s lives.

Before starting an initiative to create awareness about the disease, you need to learn everything about it.

Here are some important things on breast cancer that can help you spread the right word to the society:

  • It’s Not Just Old Women Disease
    There is nothing like ‘you are too young to develop breast cancer’. Some people have a hunch that women develop the disease when they are over 50. However, the recent statistics have shown that young ladies are also becoming a victim of the deadly disease. There could be many reasons why young women are developing it, including the family history. If someone notices early symptoms, then it is necessary to get checked for the disease.
  • Lump Isn’t The Only Symptom
    Although a formed lump is one of the most common signs, it is not the only symptom. There are several other hints that a woman can notice to know about the disease. These unusual symptoms include nipple discharge, swelling, and continuous itching. If these problems persist for a few days,  an individual should consult a doctor.
  • Extreme Drinking Increases Breast Cancer Risks
    Maintaining a healthy body is the key to a disease-free life. On the other side, extreme drinking can increase the risks of developing the disease. One should stay away from heavy boozing to reduce the risks of the disease.
  • It’s Not Just One Disease
    Many people do not know but breast cancer is not just one disease. It comes in many types and subtypes. They include invasive, non-invasive, HER2-positive, estrogen-positive, triple-negative, and inflammatory breast cancer. These breast cancer types are treated differently.
  • Men Can Also Develop Breast Cancer
    Breast cancer is not a disease reserved only for women. Although the majority of the breast cancer cases in the history belong to women, men worldwide are also at risks of developing the disease. As per experts, men are at 1 in 1000 lifetime risk of suffering from breast cancer. So, it is also necessary for men to stay aware of the disease and its symptoms.
  • How Can You Raise Awareness About Breast Cancer?
    You can collect detailed knowledge of breast cancer and start a campaign to spread awareness about the disease. You can also get some customized accessories like cancer wrist bands with an awareness message written on them. You can distribute these accessories to the public and tell them to get checked for the deadly disease.
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