Breast Augmentation and Reduction Surgery- What You Must Know

In these days, people are more beauty conscious. Each and every particular regarding their appearance matters a lot to them. Especially, women are more beauty conscious, compared to men. It is a dream of a large share of women to have aesthetically pleasing boobs.  Actually, if you do not have proper sized and shaped boobs, you will feel awkward. Moreover, there are some other problems that you may face for inappropriate boob size.

For instance, those who have overly large boobs tolerate pain in shoulder due to this. Now, what is the solution to this problem? Actually, the solution is breast surgery. There are thousands of women who have already undergone cosmetic surgery treatments and most of them are quite happy with the result of the boob job.

Do you like to know more about the boob job? If yes, then you may dive into the below section. Here I have discussed various types of breast surgeries. To get a clear idea, you may go through the below section.

Augmentation Mammaplasty

Augmentation mammoplasty, also known as breast enlargement is a branch of cosmetic surgery which is quite popular. Women with small boobs are the right candidates for this operation. This is comparatively a simple procedure. In this surgical procedure, the surgeon inserts saline or silicone implants under the soft breast tissue to create aesthetically pleasing boobs. To know about breast Implants in South Africa and more, you may check out the following things.

Silicone implants are safer than saline implants

Breast augmentation allows breastfeeding

The operation aims to increase boob size, redefine boobs, recreate symmetry after a mastectomy and more

The breast implants feel almost the same as the breast tissues

Complete recovery requires few months to a year

Breast Reduction

The women who are facing problems due to overly large boobs can undergo breast reduction, a cosmetic surgery treatment. When a woman has large and droopy breasts, she starts feeling awkward and this also cause pain in shoulder. Breast reduction surgery aims to raise and reshape the boobs. In this procedure, the surgeon removes the excess boob tissue, skin and fat tissue. After that, he or she repositions the nipples and finally the skin is re-draped.  Now check out the following things.

1.      Surgery requires about 2 to 3 hours

2.      After the procedure, the patients may experience temporary bruising, discomfort, swelling and numbness

3.      After the operation, the patients may expect to have proper sized and shaped boobs, which are proportionate to body

Final Words

So, these are the two cosmetic surgery treatments which can treat saggy, large and small boobs. The aim of both of these treatments is to rejuvenate the boob size and shape. If you like to possess aesthetically pleasing boobs, you may go for the mentioned cosmetic surgery treatment. But before proceeding, it will be best for you to consult a reputed plastic surgeon who has years of experience. It is the surgeon who can tell you whether you are an ideal candidate for breast surgeries or not. Choose the surgeon wisely to get advanced treatments and best solution.

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