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April is a brave new month to move forward with the changes you’ve been wanting to create in your life. As we begin the month, you’re probably feeling impatient to get going with the next steps.

Mars-ruled Sun in Aries is headstrong and a force of initiative that doesn’t want to be restrained. This energy can be applied to let go of the habits and patterns that have been slowing you down in this final week before your new seeds are planted on the Aries New Moon, April 7.

It’s important for you to be bluntly honest with yourself right now. The month will become increasingly complex and this first week is a relatively free time to proactively assess your needs, wants and desires. By the end of the month Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be retrograde and you’ll have even more going on to think about.

If you already know what’s best for you to let go of, let it go. If you know you need to do x, y and z, then follow through. By acting to release and complete, you’ll be able to make clear decisions on April 5 when Sun in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius.

Venus also enters Aries and Mercury enters Taurus on the same day. You’ll be able to dry off from the exploratory dives of Pisces and take a risk to do something new and determined with your feet firm on the earth.

With your changes will come reverberations of those changes as others react to how it affects them, with the Sun/Pluto square the next day on April 6. Accept what is as verification that you can’t please everyone. You’re prepared to remain true to what’s shifting in your life.

The supercharged Aries New Moon on April 7 is the starting point of your new journey. Uranus is the change-making planet, that shocks the system to reveal new solutions that will ultimately help you and everyone else grow. There’s at least one area of major change happening in your life.

Aries emboldens you with extra courage to take the first steps on your important new path. You may be afraid, but you are encouraged to act anyway. Life is short and your purpose is to expand into more of yourself and shed old patterns on your journey.

The Sun will exactly conjunct Uranus on April 9. It’ll be important to be flexible and open to channel new creative approaches to any problem you need to resolve. A phase of instability has begun that will continue through the end of the month with brief breaks of peace and calm.

It’s vital that you take care of yourself during this time and focus on the positive while asking how you can open to a new way of interpreting your life so that you can function at your highest possible level.

Mercury in Taurus trine Jupiter in Virgo on April 14 gives you the optimism to know you can do this! Mars in Sagittarius goes retrograde on April 17 for a 10-week lesson on reassessing your basic assumptions in life and how you can realign them with your greatest purpose on Earth.

Pluto turns retrograde the next day and requests a review of your spiritual will. Are you really walking your talk? You have the opportunity to correct where you haven’t felt this was possible.

The Sun moves into stable Taurus on April 19 but the theme of instability will continue with a Venus/Pluto square the same day revealing pent up frustrations. The Scorpio Full Moon on April 21 with a Venus/Uranus conjunction underscores this with sudden shifts in relationships.

Mercury in Taurus stations retrograde on April 28 and offers you 24-day review of the initiatives you began with the high-energy Aries New Moon on April 7. You may be reviewing how you can be more efficient with your precious time to maximize your energy investment.

This is a pivotal month for everyone. It’s easier to make changes when there is this much push to get you going. Be gentle with yourself and trust that this will get easier with each step forward that you take to make your life an authentic reflection of your all that’s important to you.

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