Boost Up Your Confidence And Love Life With Silicone Boob

The world we live in is an epitome of human desires. People have needs, demands, expectations, and urges from the world as well as one another. One might not always get what one wants, but that does not stop us from wanting it. People have different definitions of perfection or for calling something ideal. When it comes to love life or relationships, most men have the desire to have a partner with big breasts. Not just men, a lot of women also fantasize about getting bigger boobs to meet their parameters of ideal breast size. Some even associate their confidence level with their looks and figure. Accepting fate and reality is what we are left with, but when it comes to a desire regarding bigger breasts of oneself or the partner, the technology sweeps in to save us with silicone boob.

All about silicone

Silicone is a very useful polymer. There is a wide range of applications of silicone, like in implants or even personal care products. It comes in several forms- liquid, rubber-like, or gel. The multiple applications of silicone are:

  • It is almost half of all the products applied on hair, skin, and other products for makeup or those applied on the underarms.
  • The gel form of silicone is used in bandages, dressings, etc.
  • It is used in ophthalmic procedures. It can replace the vitreous fluid after vitrectomy, act as intraocular lenses in cataract procedure, used in the procedure of retinal detachment, and can act as punctual plugs for dry eye surgeries.
  • Not just silicone boob, but also the implants for testicle and pectoral regions also have silicone in them.

Advantages of Silicone

The following are the advantages of using silicone:

  • It remains stable even at high temperatures.
  • It is resistant to aging.
  • It is resistant to sunlight.
  • It is resistant to moisture.

All about Silicone breast implants

The use of silicone is popularly done for breast surgeries. For those who want to increase the size of their boobs or reconstruct them, breast implants are a well-known solution. These implants are the medical devices implanted under the breast tissue to get the desired shape or size. The silicone boob can be filled with silicone gel or saline, but the outer shell commonly remains that of silicone.

The silicone implants are issued as safe by the FDA and are not linked to any severe disease like breast cancer, tissue diseases, or any other reproductive problems. Many women get silicone breasts to get their boobs reconstructed or just for a bigger size. They feel just fine from the outside and can help those who have genetic growth or hormonal problems, to attain the magic figure they always wanted.

Involved risks

The implants appear great, but an MRI screening is recommended every two or three years after the implantation to ensure there is no leakage from the silicone implants into tissues or any other side effect. The leakage or ill effects can cause:

  • It can cause numbness in the nipples of the breasts.
  • It can cause pain in the breasts.
  • An infection can occur due to leakage of the rupture of implants.

However, the breasts can be removed by medical surgery anytime one wants, or people can even opt for additional surgery to correct the complications.

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