Blue Sapphire Stone Benefits & how to Wear this stone

Blue sapphire Gems are also worn to remove problems related to career, money, children, relationships, love, business and health. Let’s know the method, benefits and astrological importance of wearing the sapphire gemstone.

Blue Sapphire

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So let’s know about Blue Sapphire-

What is Blue Sapphire stone?

Neelam stone is belongs to corundum is a most popular precious gemstone of the mineral family. Known as the most powerful and fastest acting gemstone in Vedic astrology, it brings instant wealth, fame and success to the life of the wearer. Blue Sapphire mines have been discovered in Kashmir, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand and the US. However, being royal blue and velvety in texture, the Kashmiri Sapphire is rated the highest on the quality scale. The Blue Sapphire Gemstone from Ceylon Sri Lanka origin is also considered to be of excellent quality.

Astrological importance of Blue sapphire

Its importance increases as it is associated with Saturn, the karma benefits. In order to make Shani effective and to reduce its negative effects, the wearing of blue sapphires is recommended by astrologers. Those who are facing the difficult period due to ‘Shani Sarati Sarati’ or Dhaiyya in their life are also suggested by astrologers to wear blue sapphire. The effect of this gem is very strong and its effect is felt immediately. So, before wearing the Blue Sapphire gemstone consult with experience astrologer. Otherwise you may face loss.

What zodiac sign’s person can wear blue Sapphire?

Neelam gemstones have been mentioned in Indian astrology for Capricorn and Aquarius. In western astrology, it is advisable to wear blue sapphire for Libra. Blue Sapphire can also be worn as a birthstone by Gemini, Virgo and Taurus. But wear this stone only after taking astrological advice by experience astrologer.

Benefits of wearing sapphire

Blue sapphire is quite popular and is known in the eastern world as blue sapphire, indranil, indranilam, Neelam. People believe in this gem for its ability to solve financial, professional and psychological problems during the phase of Saturn-half-century and dhaiya. Professionals or businessmen can bring stability in their careers and break the deadlock by wearing Sapphire. You can change your luck wearing blue sapphire.
An increase in fame, popularity and fortune is
one of the best benefits of Blue Sapphire, Bhagyodaya. This gem strengthens the weak Saturn, giving the person abundant opportunities to create and manage wealth. Extended be it a creative endeavor or a political ambition the sapphire wearer benefits from her talent and hard work by bringing fame and good fortune.

Regenerated discipline, patience and quietness

Saturn is known to develop discipline in basic lifestyles and it makes him focused, firm and progressive towards work. The benefits of blue sapphire are reflected in the results achieved as a result of the ethics of the sapphire wearer.

Medicinal Properties of

It benefits the wearer from joint pain, gout and arthritis and keeping the sensory organs in good shape. It calms the mind and relieves people of confusion, anxiety and depression.

Method of wearing sapphire

It is considered very auspicious to wear Neelam Ratna on Saturday. You get purified on Saturday, after that make milk, sugar, honey and Ganges water solution at home and then keep your ring in it for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, bring water to the Peepal tree. Add black pepper, sugar and raw milk to the water. After returning, wash the ring with Ganga water and wear it with a sun-lamp.
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