Blue Sapphire Gemstone: Methods to Wear

The Neelam stone or blue sapphire gemstone is a blue coloured and highly precious gemstone of corundum family. It is considered as one of the most powerful gems in the astrology. It is assumed that by wearing this stone one can attract instant profits and wealth. It also makes a person successful within a short span of time. The colour of the stone varies from bright blue to dark blue. It is recommended according to a person’s planet positions and stars. But it gives benefits if worn in a certain way as recommended by the professional astrologers. It is generally studded in metals like gold.

 The quality of the stones decides the fate of the person. It is recommended by the experts to wear only high-quality Neelam stones for positive results. Before you buy neelam stone, check its quality and observe that stone is not damaged from any side. 

Methods and rituals to wear blue sapphire gemstone rings are – 

  1. At 1st set the stone in the suitable metals like gold or silver
  2. Wear it on the appropriate weekday as recommended by your astrologer. 
  3. It is generally worn in the middle finger.
  4. Make sure you had performed certain rituals like 
  • Worshipping of planet Saturn to provide strength to overcome difficulties of the path.
  • Make sure that gemstone should by 3 Ratti.
  • Feed the black buffalo with grass and green leaves 
  • Put the ring in the copper bowl which should be full of water before wearing it in a finger.
  • After that pour that water into the nearby peepal tree roots.
  • Chant the mantras as suggested by your astrologer.
  1. It is worn by the people having Capricorn or Aquarius as their zodiac sign 

You can buy the quality neelam stone online from Khanna gems. The company is holding a reputed position in the market and engaged in this business since 1987. The experts like Mr. Pankaj Khanna who are the well-known gemmologists, check the quality of stones before buying stones for the business. Before selling it to the customer the gems and diamonds pass through a series of quality check procedures to ensure that only good quality gems reach customers.

  • A team of gemmologists under the chairmanship of Mr. Pankaj Khanna checks the AURA of the gemstones so that it provides the best results to the customers.
  • They also check whether the stone is of natural origin or not, to protect customers from any fraud and scam.
  • They only sell the quality gemstones certified by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry under the Government of India.
  • Once the gemstones get certified, they get purified by performing Vedic Yagya by professional priests.

Honesty and customer satisfaction is the primary goal of the company. Next time you want to buy the gemstones – try them. For more information you can visit them online and get more information related to your gemstone. Not only blue sapphire you can buy many other gemstones also. 

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