Tip No. 1. Clean the Black Leather Jacket For Men And Woman from dust.
The powder is best removed dry, with a non-wet cloth, and without rubbing.

It looks like a drawer, but if we have a leather coat hung for a long time on the hanger, in the dressing room or stored in the closet, dust and dirt will have accumulated. If we do not remove it frequently it will get dirty and lose tone quickly.

Tip No. 2. Stain remover protocol on leather.
In case the stain is liquid, use an absorbent towel or a dry cloth. Then let the garment dry at room temperature, but in the shade. Never do it in the sun.

Tip No. 3. Wash the jacket inside.
Before cleaning a stain with any product, test the cloth on an internal or hidden surface to verify that the leather does not deteriorate.

If the stain is oil or grease, better a dry cleaning or specialized dry cleaning.

Tip No. 4. If in doubt, look for professionals.
Never use a normal washing machine. The programs and centrifuges are not the best way to take care of your Black Leather Jacket For Men And Woman since friction occurs in the centrifuge and also the water temperature can be too high for the skin, especially when it comes to a synthetic leather jacket.

Tip No. 5. Use a cover.
When storing a leather garment, it is better to store in a cloth bag or case and not plastic because it keeps moisture.

Tip No. 6. Always toxic.
Do not apply perfumes directly, deodorants or creams to the leather as these may contain perfumes and substances that deteriorate the leather.

Tip No. 7. Brush carefully.
In the case of suede, it is more delicate, so it is better to avoid rubbing the garment with others because it loses the frying when rubbing. Pass a clothes brush in a circular way to avoid wear on the garment.

Extra ball for leather shoes.
Place a waterproofing before using or storing it, as this prevents it from rubbing. For this we can buy a waterproofing that is also suede or leather.

With these tips to take care of your leather jacket and your other leather garments, they will last a long time and will always be kept as new.

Hopefully these tips for the care of leather or leather garments have helped you to always look very elegant with your leather clothes.

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