With the increasing awareness of health and fitness, many people are taking a dig at their physical fitness. After all, who doesn’t want to have a lean body like Serena Williams or abs like Ronaldo? Unfortunately, this can’t happen by laying on the couch and munching Doritos as physical fitness demands physical efforts. Whether you want to build muscle mass, increase endurance capacity, or lose fat – everything requires hard work and passion.

Hence, refrain from falling into keto or any other diet trap since it does nothing except create deficiencies in the body. Stick to a healthy diet loaded with nutrients, vitamins, fibers, and put your body in practice. No matter how often you work out to build muscle or lose weight, every exercise doesn’t work for every person. Similarly, you will come across body pains and aches initially, but your body will get used to it.

Look below to catch sight of some workout tips to get a smart and lean body from your home’s comfort.

1.   Modify Workout Approach

First of all, make slight alterations to your workout routine. If you are solely into cardio or weights, consider creating a mix and match of everything. Grab all the tools and equipment you need – dumbbells, cardio machines, yoga mats, etc. You don’t require a large space to begin; you can start mild to moderate muscle toning, weight resistance, and aerobic exercise while staying at home. Although if you are trying to build muscle mass, it won’t be possible without intensive cardio.

Instead of a treadmill, opt for a vertical workout at home by getting your hands on a climbing machine.

It combines weight resistance and muscle toning – all what you need for a lean body. Alongside this, think of ‘FITT’ to help to shake things up a little.

  • Frequency – Despite being eager to build abs, daily workouts can exhaust your muscles. Hence, limit it to 3-5 days a week.
  • Intensity – How hard you work out? It is necessary to begin slow, but you need to keep increasing the intensity levels to meet your goal.
  • Time – 20-60 minutes, depending on your stamina. A total of at least 150 minutes a week.
  • Type – Variations and machines of exercises you are using.

2.   Raise Your Shoulder Game

Are you starting with a shoulder press? Unsurprisingly, this tip is only for beginners as they can’t lift something heavy in the beginning. Nowadays, fitness gurus even recommend freshers to kick off with shoulder raises. Start with front-side, rear-dealt raise, rather than solely focusing on the dumbbells. Lateral raise is one of the most credible exercises if you want to get shoulders like boulders. It requires simple movements as you have to raise weights to the sides and up to the shoulder level. After a couple of reps, you can use your energy for shoulder presses.

3.   Don’t Skip cardio

When we talk about a lean body, cardio is the last thing that comes to our mind. Perhaps, because people think it is only ideal for weight loss. Surprisingly, fasted cardio can do wonders on your body, giving you the best results. Do you know how it works? It refers to cardio-respiratory exercise in a speedy state when your insulin levels are at baseline. You have to begin your cardio workout in the morning before having breakfast. It might feel sluggish to exercise an empty stomach, but your body will become more efficient in burning fats for fuel in some time. Alongside burning lower body fats, it strengthens your muscles and builds mass.

4.   Get to the Core

Believe it or not, but a robust core is nothing less than a valuable asset. It consists of multiple muscles – rectus abdominal, abs, erector spinae, etc. Thus, all these muscle involvements target different areas of the body instead of one. For instance, if you have belly fat, you no longer have to do crunches with core exercises. It also maintains muscle balances, improving the overall performance, while closing doors for injuries. Here are some of the most efficient core exercises that work on the entire muscle group at once.

  • Plank: Holding your body into the plank position takes strength and endurance in your back and core. It creates stability and strength necessary for every fitness move.
  • Panther Shoulder Tap: Do you want to try something challenging? Bend down in a crawling position, but don’t let your knees touch the ground. Tap your right hand on the left shoulder, putting the entire body weight on the left hand, building strength.
  • Butterfly Sit-up: It stretches your muscles, and the absence of hip flexors help build abs.

5.   Focus on Resistance Training

You will come across a metabolically active body with stronger muscles. Since it has more muscles, you will burn more calories every day. However, building those muscles is not a piece of cake. You have to incorporate hard resistance training and weightlifting in your exercise regime. Stressing the body with weights make muscles stronger. Hence grab some dumbbells and use it during your cardio too. Moreover, you can’t ditch workouts once you have built muscles because it takes equal energy to maintain muscle mass.

Final Thoughts

Everyone dreams of having muscles and abs like their favorite athlete or celebrity. It might sound impossible, but you can get abs similar to Ronaldo with some dedication and hard work. From burning fats, counting calories to following a strict workout routine – a smart and lean body comes with devotion and sweat. If you can’t push yourself to the gym, don’t worry because we are unfolding an incredible workout routine at home.  If you are wondering where to begin, start looking for some tips and tricks to achieve your fitness goals.

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