Best Wood Wall Ideas that Will Make Heads Turn

Wood is a versatile material and one can leverage its advantages in various ways. Wood is known for its natural warmth and beauty, hence it is perfect for several décor options including furniture, floors, and even on walls. Wood usually looks outstanding on making walls unique and the rooms, extra cozy.

Usually wood for walls are installed horizontally but you can just as well install the planks vertically and put an emphasis on the height of a room with a pitched roof line. The idea of combining several different colors on your wood wall planks will give the required look to your design too.

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·         To give a bright warmth to your home, you can use reclaimed wood as they are less expensive. Create a wood wall plank with various color nuances and textures. You can render some patchwork or opt for uniform and simple lines too.

·         To give a cabin type feel, use some rough textures and homely attributes to your wood. Create some shabby yet chic wood walls. Wood for walls in your bedroom with a sleek finish and elegant style, can make the space more inviting and romantic.

·         For transitional spaces or outdoor areas, wood walls give a pretty nice touch to any entrance making them feel welcoming to all. This can be achieved by utilizing reclaimed wood planks on the wall.

·         With wood for wall planks, you can create a small shelf to display your framed photos and mementos. This will give a warm feeling to the reading corners. Try a full wall mural for a distinct feel.

·         Choose a paint color for wooden plank and even leave some boards naturally as they are, to render a rustic look with modern shades.

·         Use a wood pallet accent wall to change the look and feel of your living room as it can give a fast makeover which is also inexpensive and easy.

·         For a boring space like bathrooms you can install a wood for wall plank and add some character in to it.

·         Furthermore, you can upcycle your old barn with a herringbone pattern while beautifying your ugly fence into a stunning wood plank.

Wood is the best element to style your walls and your rooms. They can be used by spending a reasonable amount of time and money and can certainly make heads turn! 

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