Best Virtual Travel Tours to Embark on In 2021

When was the last time you got on a plane and saw the wondrous sights of the world?

In a Coronavirus-ridden 2021, we all wish we were traveling more than we are. But don’t despair, virtual travel tours are here to provide all the sights you’ve been missing, all from the comfort of your couch.

Don’t fall victim to the plague of lockdown boredom, invest in a tour today to bring the excitement back into your life.

If you’re ready to embrace virtual travel in 2021, read on for the top 10 virtual tours you need to go on!

1. Icons of Singapore

The ultimate virtual travel experience will take you on a 360-degree journey to Singapore. For as little as $20 dollars you can see the sights, learn the history, and take part in puzzles and games.

2. Great Barrier Reef

Underwater tourism is great for those that weren’t built for the water; exploring coral and deep-sea fish isn’t just for divers anymore. On a virtual tour of the Great Barrier Reef, you can immerse yourself and see the best sea life around!

3. National Parks

Your first stop on the virtual travel journey has to be Google Earth’s 3D national park tours. All you need to do is choose your parks of interest, zoom in, and explore.

4. Antarctica

Antarctica, it’s interesting to everyone but too cold for most. Now is the perfect time to experience the wonders of Antarctica without worrying about frostbite. If you’re wondering where to travel virtually, why not visit one of the remotest, lesser-visited parts of the world?

5. Amazon Rainforest

Not a fan of poisonous snakes and spiders? Now you can visit the Amazon Rainforest without packing a bag full of antidotes. Take a 360-degree tour and discover the wildlife and vegetation of the rainforest.

6. Active Volcanoes

Be adventurous and see sights you never thought you would; embark on a dangerous, thrilling adventure journey to Vanuatu and see one of the most active volcanoes up close.

7. Astronaut Experience

Didn’t get the grades to send yourself to space school? That’s not a barrier anymore, now you can experience lift-off and travel through space at 17,000 miles per hour – no qualifications necessary. Sign up for a National Geographic tour to be a real-life (virtual) astronaut.

8. Niagra Falls

One of the best virtual travel tours for 2021 is up in Canada at Niagra Falls. This digital tour will let you skip the queues, the sunburn, and dodge the safety barriers.

9. Beaches of the World

Craving white sand and clear sea? We know about virtual travel experiences that will make you feel like you’re there. Experience the world’s best beaches and see spectacular views with a 360-degree tour of the Maldives, Greece, or anywhere else you fancy.

10. Great Wall of China

Still on the bucket list for many, now you can cross the Great Wall off your list with a virtual hike. Travel 6 miles between Jinshanling and Simatai and experience the views it’s famous for. And, you won’t even be tired by the end.

These Virtual Travel Tours Will Bring Excitement to Your Home

Now you know about the best virtual travel tours to do in 2021, what’s stopping you?

It’s time to expand your horizons and visit somewhere new – and you don’t even need to pack.

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