Best Trampoline for Adults: A User Guide

Contrary to popular beliefs, trampolines are not just for children. You as an adult can take part in the fun if you love fun work that includes a little flight. Trampolines are a fun way to get both children and adults physically active. Many adults today struggle with keeping fit or exercising regularly due to the hustle and bustle in the modern world. Regularly jumping a trampoline can play a huge role in fitness and also provide a lot of health benefits, including concentration, coordination, muscle control, motor skills, and balance.

Trampolines are fun to exercise with because they put a smile on your face as you jump. This will supply your body a rush of endorphins, which helps improve your mood. In addition to your fun is the health benefits you get from it.

Considering how the human health deteriorates with increasing lifespan, adults are encouraged to exercise more often. And what better fun way than embracing the better fun way than embracing the adult trampoline idea?

Things to Consider when Choosing a Trampoline:

1. Size

The size of trampoline matters, as smaller trampolines are best suitable for children. As an adult, you should consider getting a trampoline that is at least 10 foot, while that of children should be about 6 foot. You should also consider if you want it indoor or outdoor, as mini trampolines are always best indoor when used for rebound exercises. On the other hand, outdoor trampolines are best for fun. If you eventually opt for an outdoor trampoline, make sure you check the size of your backyard to know what it can accommodate. This also applies to indoor trampolines; how much space you have matters.

2. Accessories

Always check out the accessories accompanying a trampoline, which are always needed to help avoid accidents. Ensure the trampoline has an enclosure, possibly a ladder, and a weather cover to protect it. This will help reduce the risk of minor accidents that may occur while having fun.

3. Frame

The frame is the heart of the trampoline and should not be taken with levity, as it is also the most difficult part of the trampoline to replace. Also, it secures the longevity of the trampoline.

4. Heavy duty or regular trampolines?

Heavy duty trampolines are made of heavy-duty materials, which enables them to hold more weight compared to regular trampolines. It’s always best to opt for a heavy-duty trampoline, so you can jump as much as you want on it without fear of it breaking easily. Heavy duty trampolines last longer and are highly recommended. 

What Makes the Best Adult Trampoline?

The best adult trampoline depends on your specifications when choosing one. Put all factors into consideration and go for what you think suits your need, style and interest best.

Some of the Best Trampolines for Adults:

1. Kidwise Magic Circle 16ft Octagon Trampoline

This trampoline has a 10-year frame warranty which shows how long it could last, as it is made of a 14 gauge galvanized steel frame. It also has an 8.5-inch tapered string that helps you to enjoy your bouncing experience, which is especially great for lovers of gymnastic bounce. It is quite easy to set up and should not take you longer than 30 minutes, as it doesn’t need bolts and tools to be fixed. It is specifically an outdoor trampoline and can accommodate up to 450 pounds of weight, with an UV-protected pad to keep its color and shine for a long time.

2. Bellicon Classic 39″ Mini Trampoline with Fold-Up Legs

Bellicon is that trampoline to go for if you need something to give you the bounce that will help you accomplish your health goals. This trampoline has a top-notch and unique bungee suspension that will help you feel light as you float and tone your muscles fast. It comes fully assembled, with an instructional DVD and an online fitness program to put you through.

3. ACON Air 15ft Round Trampoline

The Acon Air trampoline is a heavy duty trampoline that was specifically made for Finland due to its extreme weather conditions. Their trampolines are usually the heaviest in the market. This Acon Air 15ft round trampoline, in particular, has galvanized poles, heavy duty springs and polypropylene UV treated mat to keep the color and shine. It weighs up to 300 pounds and has a total weight limit of about 800 pounds, which makes it suitable for even up to 4 adults at a time.

4. Olympic Rectangle 17ft x 10ft Trampoline

With a frame of 97 x 167 and up to 37-inch height, this trampoline has a jumping surface made of the best permatron trampoline material. It is also quite thick with polythene foam pads covered with heavy-duty vinyl. The 100 galvanized cone end springs make it more suitable for adult jumpers, and the stronger springs are a proof of longevity while they give you an amazing bounce experience. It has up to 350 pounds weight capacity and is made up of materials that can survive harsh weather conditions. This is coupled with weather resistant springs and frames. The only downside of this is the absence of enclosure, so you have to be careful while jumping.

5. Vuly Thunder X-Large Trampoline

This trampoline has a strong and durable enclosure net sewn directly to the mat, which helps protect the skin against scraping or burning. It has six parts and also does not have nuts and bolts, which makes its assembling quite easy. The frames are designed to be durable under harsh conditions, and being a 16ft trampoline, there’s a stepladder attached to it.

6. Skywalker 15ft Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

This trampoline is quite affordable while still offering variety and safety. The net is sewn directly to the jumping pad, and there are lots of accessories attached to it. This can be a great option for the whole family, especially if you are working with a tight budget.

Precautions When Using an Adult Trampoline

Follow the basic trampoline rules to stay safe. An example is not using the trampoline when you are intoxicated.

The adult trampoline could break if misused. An example is jumping close to the springs, rather than the middle of the trampoline. Another way it can break is by exposing it to weather elements. Ensure you cover your trampoline or dismantle it during harsh weather conditions, like during winter.


To get the most out of trampolines, you have to go for one that suits you best. It is also advisable to check with your physician before jumping on trampolines, especially if you have any underlying health condition, like arthritis.

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