Best Things to See, Do and Taste in Tasmania

Tasmania is maybe the smallest Australian state, but this gorgeous island has a rich and attractive offer for all its visitors. Nature is breathtaking by itself, but the culture and tradition of the area are also experiences you will remember for a long time. There are so many things to see, do and taste here that you will be coming back for more.

But for a start, here are the most notable ones that will make you fall in love with Tasmania.

  1. Things to see

Tasmania is the land of natural beauties that are yet untouched by the modern civilization. Every part of the island you choose is unique for something, whether it’s the landscapes, animal life or plants. However, there are also urban parts of the island that are also legendary for its architectural and historical features.

One of them is certainly Hobart, one of the oldest Australian cities and the capital of Tasmania. This is a young city founded in 1804 as a penal colony of the British Empire. It is famous for its preserved architectural character with historical value dating from Georgian and Victorian periods.

Hobart has its own Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra playing at the Federation Concert Hall all year. The city is a home to Theatre Royal the oldest Australian theatre, and also many others that offer a variety of entertainment to locals and tourists.

Bruny Island is full of sea caves, penguins, seals and you will even have an opportunity to see the whales. It’s not far away from Hobart and it will make a nice picnic trip or cruise experience. Coles Bay is famous for The Hazards – pink and red granite peaks and a way to get to the Freycinet National Park. This is one of the top national parks in Australia with white beaches, eucalyptus forest, and granite mountains.

Bicheno Beach is where you go if you want to see the fairy penguins and enjoy some peace and quiet since this fishing port is a favorite place for retirees. Another port you must visit is Strahan on the Tasmanian west coast. This is the town you will see one of the best sunsets in your life and from where you can cruise to the Gordon River a Unesco World Heritage Site.

  1. Things to do

Tasmania offers so much that choosing only one activity will be hard. This is also a favorite destination for everyone who wants to have an active holiday. Bay of Fires is a popular destination to enjoy some water sports or go hiking. It’s pearl beaches and blue water makes it ideal for snorkeling, sailing or diving, while the nature on the coast is a great opportunity to stretch your legs.  

Get your 3 capes to walk bookings and go on one of the best hiking experiences in your life. The Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service track is ambitious and will show you the natural beauties of this island over a 48 km path.  If you travel to Tasmania in October, visit the Bloomin’ Tulip festival when the Northwest Coast is in full bloom.

Of course, Cradle Mountain National Park should be on your list if you want to go on the multi-day hike and enjoy some time alone with nature. The famous Overland Track is there and you can stay in luxurious or more on the budget accommodation there while on the big walk.

But Tasman nature is not the only thing that offers a great time. Opened in 2011, Museum of Old & New Art is a must see place in Hobart with its sometimes controversial exhibitions.

  1. Things to taste

One of the ways to taste everything Tasman is if you attend the Taste of Tasmania festival which celebrates the island’s food and beverages. The festival takes place in Hobart and presents more than 70 participants with their products from all over Tasmania. The local restaurants also participate so you can stop by and comfortably taste the finest cuisine by Tasman chefs.

Tasmania is famous for its meat pies you can try in any bakery on the island. If you visit Flinders Island, make sure that you try its lamb BBQ since this place is a prominent sheep farming community. Fudge is another thing you shouldn’t miss when in Tasmania since it produces the finest butter in the world. Around the Cradle Mountain, you can stop to the Mole Creek and buy leatherwood honey which is exclusively harvested here.

Of course, Tasmania is famous for fresh seafood like oysters. They are the delicacy of the Bruny Island where they grow and harvest them at the oyster farms. Another seafood delicacy you should try is Tasmanian scallop pie made with scallops in the curry sauce and tucked in the crisp pastry.

Visit the Ashgrove Cheese farm and try the amazing wasabi cheese. It’s made from the wild wasabi and cheddar cheese produced from organic milk. Those chocolate fans among you will certainly want to visit the House of Anvers a museum where you can see how some tasty treats are made.


Tasmania won’t disappoint you whatever you choose to see, do or taste there. With such a rich offer, you will definitely come back to the island to experience more.

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