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Best Sporting Activities For Baby Boomers - Likeitgirl

Best Sporting Activities For Baby Boomers

As the age at which you finally get to retire from work increases, the more likely it is that you will want to do as little as possible once you finally get there. However, if you truly want to make the most of your retirement, there are significant mental and physical health benefits of staying as active as possible.

Having lived through an unprecedented fitness revolution – the proportion of American adults taking up regular exercise grew from 24 percent in 968 to nearly 60 percent in 1984 – baby boomer tend to think they are more active than they actually are and underestimate the amount of time they spend sitting. Read on for some ideas on physical activities you can easily take up later in life.


Studies conducted by Indiana University found that swimming on a regular basis – ideally between three and five times each week – can postpone the effects of aging. A great all-round exercise that promotes flexibility, improves cardiovascular health and reduces stress, swimming also has the advantage of having a low impact on joints and bones, thanks to the additional support provided by the water.


Anything that increases both your heart rate and blood flow is going to be good for your overall health as it reduces your risk of suffering from a stroke or contracting a condition such as diabetes. Although golf may seem like a leisurely activity, all the walking, swinging and bag carrying can be physically challenging.

A study by the Norwegian Golf Federation found that on average, over the course of the two to five hours it takes to play an 18-hole round of golf, a player’s heart rate will average out at 100 beats per minute.

Another benefit of golf is that it stimulates the mind as well as the body, reducing stress and providing the kind of mental challenges that have been shown to strengthen the brain’s memory circuits, helping to keep you sharp as you age. Add in the many social and networking benefits of being a member of a club such as Verandah Golf in Fort Myers and it’s easy to see why this sport is so enduringly popular.


If you enjoyed sprinting, competitive cycling and other athletic disciplines when you were young but gave them up as work and family took over, you could consider returning to take part in events against others from the same age group.

Though such activities are best suited to those who have maintained a good level of fitness throughout their lives, the growing numbers of such competitors show that older athletes are no longer the oddity they once were and that the ability to perform at a high level need not decline if you are willing to put in sufficient training. Athletics is a collection of sporting activities that include competitive running, throwing, walking, and jumping. The mini trampoline may good for your overall health if you want to do some jumping activities. It has cardiovascular benefit, helpful in weight loss, beneficial to the Lymphatic system, improves balance, natural facelift, and build bone mass.


Although it may not seem like the most obvious choice for helping you stay fit as you age, there are enormous benefits to taking part in a weightlifting program, no matter how old you are. It’s not a question of bulking up in order to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger – lifting heavy weights will help you maintain muscle mass and bone density. It has also been shown to help prevent injuries from slip and fall accidents, boosting your confidence and sense of independence.

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