Best Prescription Glasses Brands For Casual Wear

Even though the market has an extensive range of stylish frames, it can become quite hard to find eyesight glasses for casual wear. Most people prefer a minimalistic style of eyeglasses to wear for office or study. 

Prescription Glasses Brands

We curated a list of the top brands that offer high-quality prescription glasses for everyday wear.

1. Ralph Lauren 

The worldwide top-selling brand Ralph Lauren offers a wide selection of materials in its accessories. Also, they have various color options for every taste. You can opt for their signature rectangle design or go for minimalist frames. Either way, you can make a fashion statement without going overboard. Besides, these glasses can accommodate a wide range of prescriptions. 

2. Kate Spade 

The signature designs of Kate Spade are a staple for fashion lovers. This brand offers elegant glasses that suit every taste. Besides, their sophisticated designs are perfect for every event or casual wear. The brand also embellishes every frame with the Kate Spade logo for a luxurious look. Also, they come with a unique twist to every pattern with stunning color combinations. You can explore the various styles of Kate Spade glasses, including cat-eye, rectangle, square, and several oversized frames.

3. Prada 

Prada is one of the most loved brands for eyewear all across the world. This brand offers subtle designs that also look stylish and up-to-date. Moreover, Prada combines a touch of vintage with modernity for a unique vibe. You can explore their tortoiseshell range or go for the embellished frames. The brand decorates its eyeglasses with high-quality crystals that do not look tacky with any outfit. Besides, the various shapes of glasses go well for work or study. 

4. Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo built its reputation among glasses lovers over the past few years. Their luxurious eyeglasses come with subtle details and intricate designs. Also, their glamorous styles are perfect for a hint of a chic vibe to your look. These glasses also come with high-quality acetate material that gives a glossy look. Besides, their eyewear is perfect for men and women of every age. 

5. Carrera 

Carrera has been a favorite brand of glasses lovers since 1956. This company offered sports eyewear in the initial years and then provided glamorous designs as well. The athletic vibe of Carrera is popular among many women and men across the globe. Also, they offer bold and subtle frames with different patterns and colors. They also come with a mixture of acetate and metal in their eyeglasses. The luxuriously vintage look of these frames never goes unnoticed. 

6. Oakley

The sporty designs of Oakley are a favorite of athletes and those who love a sporty look. These glasses come with sturdy and functional designs that offer durable wear for a long time. Besides, the high-quality materials in these eyeglasses last for ages with proper care and handling. The unique designs of Oakley glasses also offer a minimalistic look perfect for everyday wear. Hence, you can flaunt them to your favorite game or wear them to a brunch with your family and friends.


This diverse range of designer brands allows the customers to explore their favorite options. You can also select any frame based on your needs. These eyeglasses are available in various lightweight and luxurious materials. Also, the variety of color combinations and patterns cater to your requirements. 

You can also add prescription lenses to any of these glasses so you can wear them every day. These brands offer high-quality eyeglasses that resist all weather conditions and tarnish. Hence, they are perfect for everyday use. You can also substitute these frames with single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses. Besides, these glasses for men and women fit all fashion statements. 

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