Best Personalized Gift Ideas for 2020

Everybody has that one friend, the one who has everything. Every time their birthday comes around, it’s always a challenge to figure out what to buy for them.

The solution? A personalized gift. These presents are one-of-a-kind, tailor-made just for that person. Here are some suggestions for the best customized gifts for the coming year.

Clothing & Accessories

A unique touch to many items of clothing is that personal monogram or design. Remember when mom used to stitch labels into your socks and underwear with your name on it, so they don’t get lost? This idea is now a fashion statement!

Jennifer from Elite Sports Socks says that personalized socks can put a smile on anyone’s face. You can design-your-own logos, add faces or team names; the list is endless.

Monogrammed his and her bathrobes are a cute idea for newlyweds or anniversaries.

For the businessman, get him some stylish cufflinks with family photos, holiday destinations, or even world currency on them. These cufflinks can also feature the year.

Event Milestones

Commemorate birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries with tailor-made gifts that highlight special moments.

Printed newspapers may soon become a thing of the past. A cool gift idea is the New York Times Customized Birthday Book. This hardcover book features the front page of the New York Times, on this date and for every year since a person’s birth until now.

For the forgetful guy, buy a set of ready-made wine labels. They feature important events like anniversaries, valentine’s day, and birthdays. Stick each one over the existing label on a bottle of wine, and you have an instant gift.

Births are events that are sometimes neglected. Personalized cushions featuring the baby’s name, birth date, time of delivery, size, and weight will be a lovely reminder of this joyous moment.

For newly married couples, the Intersection of Love print has a photo of connecting street names featuring their surnames in an interlocking design.

Family Ideas

Family portraits may never need to be generic and staged ever again. Why not consider a group photograph in the style of The Simpsons? You can even get caricatures done of the family.

For that kitschy Christmas idea, why not get matching sweaters made for the whole family featuring their pictures and the year.

A personalized family member signpost in the garden can be continuously updated every time a new member joins this family. This kind of gift can be added to with life events.

Never use the wrong one cup again with a set of unique family mugs. Every member has their design printed, whether it be their face or name, or both!

Jigsaw puzzles also make great gifts. Have them custom-made from family or school photographs.

Out Of The Box Ideas

If clothing, accessories, books, or prints aren’t unique enough, here are some other ideas that should work.

Name A Star

Why not be officially recognized by any astronomical body? You can name a star after someone, and they’ll receive a certificate and a star map with the location of their particular one.

Face Luggage

This one is for extroverts only! Get your face printed onto a durable suitcase cover, fit it over the luggage, and nobody will ever accidentally take it from a baggage carousel. However, you’d need to be pretty brave to walk through a busy airport dragging your own face behind you.

Voodoo Doll

You’ve all heard about how for centuries, witch doctors have made voodoo dolls of their enemies. Now you can also get custom-made dolls with the picture of a loved (or hated) one on it. How you choose to treat it is entirely up to you.

Something for Everyone

You need never worry again about not finding the right gift for the person who has everything. Get them a personalized gift with their name and face, important milestones, or something a little more unique, and you’ll be their favorite gift-giver of all time.

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